“Be Free” Challenge Day 7

Day 7. In which I try to convince the world to use cloth napkins.

I always remember as a kid using cloth napkins. It’s funny how that is looked upon as a higher end, classy type of household item. It’s A LOT cheaper than ripping off a paper towel for each person at every meal. It’s also much more environmentally friendly! Also, when eating outdoors you don’t have to go chasing your “napkin” across the patio every time the wind blows.

So, when I first moved into my own place I went to world market and picked up two packs of cloth napkins or “table linen” as the yuppy world may say (I know, I know, I’m totally in the yuppy generation but I like using that word). You can get 6 for $10 there so 12 napkins was plenty. $20 may seem like a lot but I bet you earn it back in a year on less paper towels used. I’m sure if you can sew you could even make your own. I mean, let’s all agree that some things need to be soaked up with a paper towel and thrown in the trash never to be seen again. However, you don’t need to waste a paper towel every time some water is spilt. Or to wipe down the counter after a meal, etc.

For our wedding we got two sets of beautiful monogrammed napkins. I love them. Love them in a I will maybe cut your hand if I catch you using these while doing anything other than eating white rice or drinking water kind of way. I know I preach all the time about not being afraid to use your house but these are different.


The giver of these was so thoughtful in that we got the great white ones and then also got a set of this dark taupe color.


I’m much more lenient about using those but I still have boundaries. No spaghetti sauce or anything overly oily. Do I sound like a total control freak yet?

We do have 12 more (the originals from world market) that Blake and I are trying to use on a day to day basis (no rules!) and we like to save the wedding gift napkins for our guests. I call it compromising.



Since we moved I have been so bad about using these. They went into a box in our china cabinet and haven’t been pulled out other than when we have had guests over. Today I made them a home in the kitchen (see how they are stacked in order of use?).


More importantly I made a spot for the dirty ones about the washer and dryer. Without a designated “laundry basket” for these you will find them all over the house. Trust. Your husband will not go to the clothing closet to take a napkin. I mean, I’m sure mine would if I asked but I feel like it goes against the logic of man to take something from dinner to the closet. So, here we are. nice and tidy.



Here is a blog post I saw where someone made themselves a reusable roll of cloths. Looks cool if you know how to sew!

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