“Be Free” Challenge Day 8

We hung the chandelier I bought here and painted here!

This was a complete and total if you give a mouse a cookie scenario except for the “if you give a Katie a chandelier”. I love a good chandelier y’all. This one was just a little tough because it was smack in the center of this room so it felt off center from what we had been considering the “sitting area”. I went into panic mode and thought that bringing nearly every chair we own into the living room would somehow help. WRONG.


Chaos ensued. I played musical chairs for a while and realized having 18 chairs around our coffee table looked ridiculous. While Blake was at crossfit I did some crossfit of my own and took our sectional apart. I moved the chaise lounge out into the living room as my anchor piece. Once I had this (that was no easy feat!) the rest just seemed to fall into place.


I pulled from all over the house but made sure not to rob Peter to pay Paul. It’s counter productive to make one room look finished when you leave another room looking wrecked.


I’m very pleased with the living room now. It looks complete and on purpose.

I like the way the chandelier looks in the big mirror too…see the shadow cast on the other wall? Sweet.


And in case you are wondering why we only put in 4 lightbulbs….it requires 8 but sunglasses are almost needed at 4 so we want to hook the switch up on a dimmer before full bulbage.

In case you are wondering about the man cave it looks better too! I just moved the other half of the couch against the wall and moved the chair and a half in there. The room looks much bigger now! I’ll share that some other time.

It’s crazy to look back at before anything was moved in!


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