“Be Free” Challenge Day 10

All I want for Christmas is 8 quarts of black paint. I’d like 1 each month until then please and thank you. Why you ask? Oh because I have every intention of painting our interior doors black.

Go ahead…cringe it out. Stand up and shake it out if you must. I know you want to …for some reason people think that black and paint shouldn’t go in a sentence together. Oh but I do…I think they should go right next to each other and then doors (or anything really?) should follow.

Do you need me to show you some pictures? Ok good I hoped you would say yes because I didn’t want to have to force them onto an unwilling viewer:

1-black doors source

before and after source

door bath coll source

triple 2 sources 1 2 3

triple sources 1 2 3

See. There isn’t one of those you can tell me doesn’t look uh-maze-ing. More distinguished. More regal. More mysterious. More depth and drama and handsomeness. …yes a door can be handsome. It’s like a tall drink of water at the end of a hallway. It says “my owner cares about me” like a “my kid made the honor roll” bumper stickers only “my doors reached their full potential”.

Anyways, I’ve already started my crusade around the house. See exhibit below:


Pantry doors. ….well let me back up…when we moved in there were no pantry doors. We stared at our mess from down the hall for probably 4 months before I discovered this set of closet doors in the house fit perfectly would work if my husband spent 2 hours chiseling out the hinges.


So we’ve had these white doors there for a few months. It’s great…I don’t have to stare at my mess anymore. However I have had to stare at a pair of doors that needed some TLC (see old paint/splotches of some weird muddyish looking finger prints/missing chunks of paint that the top, etc)

I even bought new hardware for these doors probably 3 months ago. Well, last night I decided I was going to make a change. I grabbed the quart of black paint I had and put two coats on these beauties (after filling in spackle holes, buffing the thing for a couple minutes, and then washing).

The paint went on incredibly well. The doors look MUCH better and silky smooth and now when I walk by I reach out and touch them.



See from down the hall? It looks like things keep going…like there is more to be had than just a blunt end into the pantry.



Still cringing? That’s ok I guess I won’t sneak into your house in the middle of the night and paint your doors black too. The good news is…it’s just paint, ya’ll! Don’t ever be afraid to try something. My mom always said “don’t do anything you can’t come back from”….you can come back from black paint so I went for it…and I LOVE it so I’m going to keep going for it.

Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for my wallet, I can’t go out and buy gallons of black paint because it’s the be free challenge so I’ve registered for every paint giveaway google could come up with. If I win one within this 30 days it’s on! if not, I’ll resort to buying 1 quart per month until it’s done….that’s like $10 a month aka one box of k-cups.
Black doors > coffee.

if that wasn’t enough to convince you please go here and read this post about what will happen to your life if you paint your doors black. HUH-larious! (but probably true, no?)

8 thoughts on ““Be Free” Challenge Day 10

  1. DiAnne says:

    Love these doors. I first loved them when you took old closet doors and made them work for you and now I am loving them all over again with this contrast at the end of the hallway.

  2. Farrell says:

    Love it! I painted the back of our front door (as seen from the foyer) black and I just love it. I can’t wait to paint the trim around it white, its cream right now. Looks so crisp. I will say that I am too scared to paint all the bedroom, closet doors, etc but I have definitely considered it. I can’t wait to see your progress with it! Beautiful!

    • numbers and nails says:

      Farrell, I would love to see your black door painted!! also, i’m a huge advocate for painting all your doors black 🙂 if you hate it I promise I’ll come over and help you paint them white again! Thanks for your comment!!!

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