Mish Mash

So many moving pieces. I feel like that is what the past two days have been so this will be a mish mash post of all half the things going on lately.

It’s been raining SO much lately…I love the rain and I know it’s something to be thankful for but I’m so ready for some sunshine! Holy cow. I think rain is worse when you have two dogs that you have to chase down with an old beach towel before they beat you back up the stairs. And I think they’ve caught on to the fact that I want to dry their paws so they make an exerted effort to avoid me…like it’s a new game to them and at this point they are showing all signs of a high grade cabin fever. All we have to do is spell the world “O-U-T-S-I-D-E” and Finley starts throwing himself around like a maniac. …I think this is probably what kids are like.


How could you not love that sweet face? my little cat-dog.

Anyways, homemade art is the name of my latest game and I’m attempting to make a beef cut diagram. Much like this one here:


It might be weird but something about it just seems kitchen appropriate.

We want to make something that will cover the breaker box wall in the kitchen so it needs to be large. Here is all we had in the basement..


..and then this is how far I am.


I know, thrilling. it’ll look better in the end I promise…the middle makes no sense.

Today we walked downtown for the Greer Family Fest. It was raining so I feel like the turnout wasn’t what it would have been on a nice May day but we had a great time.



I had the pleasure of seeing some adorable things in the “Shoppes on Trade” store! I think I’m going to try and do all of my gift shopping in here from now on. It’s that something for everyone kind of store.


I will have to buy these for the dogs for Christmas…they are just TOO cute!

I love these!!

this sign was so cool!

I wish they made this in my size!!

sweet sock monkeys every color of the rainbow!

I love the yellow bee necklace. I took a picture for Blake so he could remember for Christmas 🙂

Greer has a really nice park downtown in front of city hall so we sat there on the swings and ate our funnel cake. I have a rule about funnel cake. If there is a ferris wheel within site it’s completely ok to fry and eat anything. No ferris no fry.




We are attempting to repair a bad tile job around the fireplace this weekend so I can’t wait to share that tomorrow!

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  1. DiAnne says:

    A Ferris Wheel close by is reason enough to eat a funnel cake. Can’t wait to see what you have done with the tile you don’t like.

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