“Be Free” Challenge Days 11-14

guess what? ….it’s STILL raining.


Last night I asked Blake if we should build an ark to be on the safe side. I would hate to end up like the unicorns…


So, let me introduce you to our fireplace before. Whoever tiled this before really didn’t do a bad job they just quit prematurely and then I think they must have taken apart some of the trim and never really put it back together.


See the gap between the tile and the floor? It was an uneven gap on both sides.




See the trim? Shotty.



Blake and I have had this on our to fix list since we moved in. well…if I am honest I’ve not been hurried about fixing it because I had something more “me” in mind. I envisioned our living room looking like this:


Fig tree and all. See, the thing about a staged living room for a magazine is that I’m convinced they only happen in some swanky magazine editor’s apartment where they are never actually home. There isn’t ever going to be a time when I just go out and buy every single thing for a whole room at one time. Therefore, one will never dream up this look over a span of 10 year furniture collection. I can think of one time that would happen and that would be if your house burned down and that would be horrific and unimaginable and I wouldn’t go buy this I would try and fashion the things I missed out of my tears. So. Here we are.

We decided to grout in some of the gap, lay trim around the tile and caulk with caulk the color of the grout. We also decided to firm up the trim with our best friend liquid nails and caulk and paint.




That grout may look a little bright but we decided after the dogs spends 5 minutes laying there it will “dirty” up to the same color as the other grout 🙂 doggie diy. This probably took, collectively (because of drying time), 1 hour. I had that “why didn’t I just do this sooner” feeling. I love the fireplace now and I’m not going to touch it again for at least 10 years. Unless I win the lottery (which is pretty much impossible because we don’t even try)…then maybe we’ll get all fancy pants up in here and marble the thing out.

Next we did a little streamlining in the man cave by figuring out this mess. When we moved in we were just so desparate for TV that we didn’t care how things looked. Yeah I thought I would have that cleaned up in a week….oops. We’ve been living with this medusa inspired look for 8 months. Cute, I know.


Blake drilled a hole over into the shelves next to the mantle and ran everything through there.

Look how pretty!


Lastly, we hung a new light. It’s an old light really. It was the only thing from our first house that I said I couldn’t live without. In the other “section” of the kitchen we just had this plastic fluorescent situation…it was fine…if you like a flickering nightmare every time you turn on the light and unflattering light while you fold the laundry….



When we took the old light down we also discovered that this ceiling color was previously orange…oh my word… anyways, here is the light we hung.



Charming isn’t she?

Look at how the light plays on the walls and ceilings! It’s rather magical in person. While Blake was hanging that I rearranged some of the counter top shenanigans in the kitchen and made myself a little “command center”. I love it.



So there you have it. Use what you have. Love what you have. Love on those who give you what you have.

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  1. Kathy says:

    Wow! That fireplace looks awesome! Why did I doubt you? (I was afraid when you said you were going to work on that fireplace that you were going to do something like paint it with chalkboard paint. LOL!) Great job!

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