3 things worth thinking about today

Apparently the weather heard me talking about him and decided to pull me under.

Due to my lack of motivation to move anything farther than my hand to the nightstand for water I haven’t been doing anything around the house. I do want to take a moment to share some things that inspire me and I hope they will inspire you too!

1. This door makeover (not to keep harping about black doors but this could be done in any color…talk about working with what you have!!)

I’m sure you all remember this picture fondly…how stately does that door look?

1-black doors

Well would you guess it used to look like this???

before molding and paint

Visit her blog to see this transformation, it didn’t take much and it’s crazy how big of a difference that made! I tell ya, for how skinny trim can be it makes a HUGE difference.

2. I work with the special needs children at our church each Sunday. We have a variety of ages and diagnosis’s in our room. The mother of a little girl in our room writes a blog and shared a very special 3-part series about finding a church when you have a child with special needs.

Part 1: Born into a church family
Part 2: No place for Lilli
Part 3: The Church that had a plan

It’s a very eye opening read if you have the time but if you don’t the bottom line is “does your church have a plan for special needs children?” it doesn’t have to be a whole room dedicated, it just needs to be a question asked. “Hey, if someone visits with a special needs child could we have someone designated to shadow them”. It just needs to be a place on your website that says “we have a plan for special needs children” or an unwavering answer for a visitor calling your church to see if you have a place for their child. Nothing big. Just a thought. I would like for everyone to go back to their church and just see if it has been considered. This mother makes so many good points…people say “there aren’t any special needs children in our church”…well sir, well ma’am, why do you think that is? Special needs children are in your community…look at the schools…where do they go to church? The divorce rate for parents of special needs children is 80% so the least we can do is give them the chance to sit together every Sunday morning.

3. Bible verse of my life 🙂


I tell myself that every time I get hasty about a project. I think this is a key verse to remember when you are saving for a project. It’s easy to want to just save save save for your project and when you get all focused on what you want it can be easy to say “well if I wasn’t tithing I could have bought this already”. Something I firmly believe is that if I hold onto my first 10% then what I do with that money will be cursed. Sound like a crazy person? Maybe. But I know that when I don’t hold on to it better things happen. Where your money goes, your heart will follow every time. That’s just human nature. Anyways, not trying to preach a sermon I’m just sharing what makes me feel better as we go along this renovation adventure.

Hope I’ve provoked some thoughts. Black doors, special needs, and Jesus (not in order of importance 🙂 )

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