Portico Problems

I’m blogging in the morning, from my bed, with coffee…this is the first time I have tried this and I think I might love it.

What is beige and beige and more beige? Our house. Check it out.


Since we moved in it’s really been all about the inside but now that it’s getting warm out we are finding ourselves looking at the outside of the house more and more. All of the rain the past few weeks also had Blake really worried about a rotten section of window casing. Leaks are one of those things that just straight up will never get better on their own. If you have a leak and you aren’t doing anything about it you might as well be burning money. So. While we were at replacing a section of the casing we decided to just paint the trim white and see what it would look like. We would have to have paint color matched anyway so rolling with white primer was just an obvious “let’s just see” step.



And guess what? We love it! (how BAD is that mulchy weedy armpit of the house!?!…embarrassing…I’m figuring it out this weekend)

We are going to try and paint at least the windows on the front in the next week so that is exciting. Next up on my agenda is some shrubs. Apparently the last owner used to have tons of shrubs and it looked nice and then they just ripped everything out…makes perfect sense (?) My Dad got me hooked on this app called “iscapes” where you can add landscaping to a picture of your yard. I love things like this. I think because I’m a dreamer and it helps me convey my dreams to Blake in pictures. Here we are looking much more “lush”


Then I took things into paint and added the white trim. If you sort of pull it away from your face and cross your eyes it looks really good, no?


The “scales” on the front porch thing have really been a sore subject. They.just.don’t.go. and I really hate it for you if you think they do…if you want them we will mail them all to you 

Anyways, I searched around forever to try and find examples of enclosed portico’s like this one. There is probably a real name for this but I couldn’t find it….I also couldn’t find a single other picture of something like this. Since we moved in Blake and I have been talking about opening this up and pouring more of a staircase…the house looks top heavy on the stairs to me now. Here are some pictures I’m taking a lot of inspiration from now.

And I love the half pergola to the right of the entrance in this one. I would love to see this come out over this little area and have a flagstone patio situation with a couple of seats?

See how this triangle part is trimmed out here? Love that.

We love the stoop/stairs in this one

Of course this isn’t on the immediate radar but a girl can dream right? I mean, the descaling will happen this summer. Planting shrubs will happen this week (and don’t worry, I’m still on the Be Free Challenge! …you can really find any type of plant you want on craigslist…free as long as you did it up!)

I think that Blake was perhaps tired of trying to keep up with my musings as I walked around the house babbling about the scale of this or that. He gave in and used part of his itunes giftcard (that he won in a LIMBO competition!!) to buy me a photoshop app for the ipad. I’m really, really excited about that but right now it all looks like a foreign language so I have to figure out how to use it. I think it will revolutionize my communication with others.

If you have seen a picture of an enclosed situation like ours done well I would love to see a picture!!!

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