Silverside vs. Topside

Well, we have finally (5 months later) managed to cover the giant hole we put in our wall right before Christmas.



You see, we tried to do a little rewiring and install some new breakers right before Christmas. Let me paint that picture for you…it was nearly 1am and the bathroom light switch down the hall was causing the Christmas garland lights to blink on and off in the living room. The kitchen lights were turning on the upstairs lights and blowing 8 bulbs at once while they were at it. Luckily, we figured it out and all is right with the electricity around these parts. However, we left the scene of that crime unfinished and exposed because we are still too scarred by that day/night to relive it. So for now, we cover the mess until sanity over this breaker box returns. Lose the battle, win the war has become a common motto of mine.

I talked about in this post how I started some homemade art a while back. I let that cow graze around on the dining room floor for a couple of weeks and decided today was enough…she was going on the wall.



I’m not sure what to think. I think I might love it? Blake loves it. It’s industrial? But maybe still a tiny bit charming? I think it kind of goes with the pulley light system we have over the island.


PS: see that sweet piece of milk glass on the “command center”? A sweet family friend gave that to us and we just love it. We keep our candy in there and it’s really just become one of those special things that so makes our house feel like a home.

Blake hung this for us and I might as well tell you about our method of heavy hanging with plaster walls. Step 1: use a magnet to try and find a nail in a stud. Blake tied a small magnet to a piece of dental floss and gently swung it back and forth. The magnet somehow, even through plaster, will grab hold where there is a nail. Now, sometimes we find that our house is held together with rainbows and unicorn poop magic and somehow along a whole surface there won’t be a single nail. So fun. Times like these resort to Step 2: drill small holes back and forth until you hit a stud (this is not a joke…we drilled more than 20 holes in our ceiling trying to find a joist to hang that pulley on)

This is just simply hung on two nails for easy lift off when the breakers need to be accessed.

It’s sort of cool how you can really see the wood grain through the paint!


The good news is…if I decide I don’t like it then all I’ve outed myself is some paint. This was just scrap plywood (not even paint grade) found in the basement. The best part is that I’ve learned all the cuts of a cow…that is all we need to do, right? just learn yourself something new everyday.

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