the “Be Free” Challenge is over!

I can’t believe it’s been thirty days! To celebrate my challenge I decided to group together a few pictures of our accomplishments. We didn’t do 30 projects but we did twenty something and I feel really good about that! We are twenty something projects closer to our dream home and our pockets didn’t take a hit for it. At the beginning of the challenge I made a list of everything I could think of that we could do using materials we had already purchased or inherited. I crossed the items off as we went feeling so good about taking care of those “we really ought to do something about that but I will walk past it 1000 times and pretend it’s not there” items.

(this gallery is something new for me so I’m still figuring it out myself…if you click on an image it opens a slideshow type of deal where the pictures are bigger. I haven’t figured out how to link the picture to the post yet but …baby steps..)

There were some little things we took care of that didn’t make the blog either a) because they were so boring or b) I ran out of time.

Paint peg board
Add chalkboard to peg board area
Add chicken wire fencing
Paint those glass jugs
Repair or cover up hole around breaker box
Repair area around fire place
Painting chandelier
Hang chandelier (And rearrange the whole living room)
Hang foyer light from last house
Hang half door—use hinges from closet doors?
Get that dang wheel barrow off the porch
Pull up the weeds in my mulch bed
Get dead Christmas lights out of terrarium thing
Make something with my corks
Get rid of the Christmas candy by the front door
Rechannel dryer vent
Clean out radiator bench and find home?
Press and fold all of our fabric napkins and make a home for them
Paint pantry doors & use hardware I bought 10 years ago
Paint outlet covers in mancave
Cut back branches hanging over drive
Transplant some ivy
Cleaning out freezer
Reroute things in mancave so tv area looks cleaner

We still have a list that long we didn’t even get to.

I’m really proud of us for taking care of the details. Like I talked about in this post, projects are icing on the cake to jobs worked during the day and chores we have to take care of. So while you may only see 20 something projects (tiny to pretty big) know that each one has a layer of laundry, cutting the grass, dishes, accounting, dog parenting, traveling, and cleaning on top of it. It shall be called the life layer.

I’m so excited to share what the future holds. Here is a hint. It involves this:


And this:


There are certain things in life that make me feel like I’m living in the lap of luxury… Bath and Body Works foam handsoaps, my husband, and a china cabinet for shoes. 🙂

2 thoughts on “the “Be Free” Challenge is over!

  1. Kathy says:

    Congratulations on completing your challenge. My favorites were the fireplace, half door, and the black door. I can’t wait to see what you do with the shoe cabinet and where you put it.

  2. DiAnne says:

    I can’t wait to see what you do with the china cabinet top! I guess my favorites are the half door and the black pantry doors. I like the way you guys just get things done!

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