Window Shopping

I love to go window shopping. There’s something about trolling around and not buying anything. I like to have a coffee and a camera. I like leaving with inspiration but not buyer’s remorse. I ran around town with my mom last weekend and just thought I would share some of my findings and what I would do with them had I made the purchase.

Schoolhouse pendants. What would you not do with these??? They are amazing. I would put them over a kitchen island.


This desk and tackle box are sooo cute for a little boy’s room!


This mixing bowl situation…is ah-mazing. Just to have sitting in the kitchen or in the dining room. So cool.


Love this privacy screen! You could use this all over the house…even just as decoration against a boring wall.


This vintage wire baskets I thought would be neat on an open shelf in a kitchen. Or in a mud room for shoes. Possibilities are endless there…


Who doesn’t need a vintage first aid cabinet. This item is on my watch list.


I’ve been wanting a retro clock to go in the kitchen. This one was pretty great.


I fell in love with this hot pink door. probably the only place I could ever get this to fly in our house is maybe a closet door. but if I had a little potting shed I would definitely do this 🙂


This is just hilarious to me. probably because this looks like Finley.


I wanted this barbie doll…pretty bad…but I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what I would do with her. I not very big on buying things to keep in a box or not use.


This sign would be great in a kitchen. It’s so retro…can’t you see it in a breakfast nook?


I found all of these things in Seneca or Walhalla, SC. The first few were found at Drake’s Emporium–I wrote about them here. The others were found scattered about downtown Seneca.

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