weekend recap

Wow what a long weekend. We celebrated Memorial Day weekend with thankful hearts and hope you did too.

As far as projects go we accomplished getting primer on all but one of the front exterior windows, rerouting our dryer vent from the basement to outside, and made a big leap of faith progress on the future dressing room/closet. I’ve decided not to share that little room closet dressing room transformation until it’s complete because some of the steps from before to after even make me cringe.
I realized something this weekend. We are all like hydrangeas.

I had a hydrangea when I first moved to Greenville and because I had no friends/nothing to do in my free time I just sort of made it my mission to keep this plant alive. Fast forward and I’ll tell you the plant ended up looking post apocalyptic it was so dry. Anyways, during that time I realized that you could take a hydrangea to the brink of death and bring it back in about an hour with a healthy watering. My plant finally kicked the bucket when I left town for a couple of weeks and didn’t know anyone well enough to ask them to water my plant. Oh well…it was a valiant effort. My point is that we all get like that sometimes. We pour ourselves out to other things so much that we become “parched”. As I was painting Saturday I realized that if you let it, an old house will eat your energy, your free time, your friends, your family. You have to know when to put it down and do the more important things. Sometimes we get caught up in the every weekend “house hustle”. It’s hard to say to yourself “this house will still be here later but those memories I might be missing out on elsewhere won’t”.

This weekend we had a wonderful time doing non house things. We went on a date, went to a cookout, ran a nighttime glow in the dark 5K, and spent actual memorial day at the National Whitewater center in Charlotte with our soldier friends who were patient enough to teach my Blake how to roll a kayak.







Also, I woke up in the middle of the night Saturday with the best idea ever except I need 4 french doors 80 inches tall by 30 inches wide on the cheap (as in under $50 cheap). If you see any doors at thrift stores along these specifications please let us know!! Color doesn’t matter at all! Neither does wear!

Here is the only picture I could find online along the lines of what I want to do:


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  1. Kathy says:

    You know if you use French doors for closet doors, you will have to keep your closet so organized. Too scary for me!!!

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