We’ve got shelves!

I’m blogging from my phone tonight so let’s see how this goes!

Today I found a set of shelves at habitat with a price tag of $20.

They had two sets and the other wasn’t in as good of condition so I talked them into letting me have it for $10 (never hurts to ask!)

You see, I’ve had this picture in mind for a while I found on houzz.com.

So my version will obviously not be that nice but you get the idea! Here are our new shelves side by side with a coat of white paint.

I want to push them together once we get them in the room, caulk them together so they appear to be one unit, and trim out the bottom with baseboard so it looks like it belongs to the wall.

I’ll be back tomorrow with my quick ironing board makeover. Slowly I am inching my way toward a completed closet! Here are the fruits of my lowes trip tonight. All for the closet!


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