Take Heart!

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Ahh Sunday night. Sunday night has become this sweet little blogging spot for me. I sit in our chair and a half and I reflect on the weekend. The weekend chaos settles and our little family falls together again.

First order of business. I am addicted to the app “Candy Crush”. It’s this game dreamed up by someone somewhere who wanted people to lose hours of their life staring at their iphone/ipad crushing candy and talking with their friends about jellies, chocolates, ingredients, and the ever dreaded “time out”. Which, if you must all know, I’m wayyy into. As in 380 minutes into. How you say? Because I changed the time on my phone to cheat the system and get more lives and now I had to change it back and I’m totally in time out about it. Enough loser/gamer/I waste my time playing adult candy land on my phone talk. I can’t even believe I let this happen.

So, Friday night ended up with me marching out of Target with a giant cloudlike rug hoisted over my shoulder. I’m a very proud mama about this. As in “I’ve already shot Blake 4 times with my laser glare for not taking his shoes off before walking on it” proud. He says “you mean, I can’t walk on this?” “Not with shoes on” I say. “This was the most pointless thing we have ever spent money on. Something that takes up room and yet somehow causes me to lose square feet of living space……” he says. Hmmm. I have to, in this moment, admit I am a person of the barefoot variety. It is an absolute wonder I get to work with shoes on every day. My bare feet also attribute to a) why I am probably always cold around the house and b) why pedicures feel like burning money to me. I also, in this moment, realized I am not even sure what Blake’s feet look like because he is constantly wearing shoes around the house. We will obviously have to find a compromise on the rug…..

I took this picture of myself Saturday morning (I am the type to open one eye at 6am on Saturday morning, remember fondly there is a sweet new addition to our home, and creep out of bed to admire it. I know, I know, sign me up for house rehab. I’ll save you a seat on the bus…(you are reading this blog so I know you have the itch too!)


This picture makes me feel like an ice cream cone. Do you see that? With my hair? Ok it’s a stretch but I love ice cream so I’ll accept this as a sign from the universe that my closet is on a lovely and direct path. This picture describes me so well during the process of any renovation/makeover. I am such a fully invested dreamer that I must lie down in my mess and admire it and see it for what it will be.

Here is a wide angle view of what is happening.


Can you see how soft she is? Do you want to reach out and pet your computer screen? Yes? I thought so.

This weekend we pulled the baseboard off the wall and have started to make the white cabinets appear as if they have always been here. Next up is the china cabinet. We need to make a top for it and stain/attach the feet I bought for her.

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I read something genius a few years ago. I’ve forgotten the designer but they said something like “people always come to me and want to use so much color in their storage spaces. I think because they are smaller and it’s not such a heavy commitment. I always encourage them away from this because 99.9% of the time the items you are storing are a mess of colors.” I’ve tried to stay plain in here so the clothes are the art in the end.

We had friends over Saturday night and I took these two pictures from outside the house looking into the kitchen.



You can’t tell me there is something better than looking into your home on a summer night and seeing that warm, glowing light. In that moment your house feels like a home. I remember fondly looking into my parents’ house and seeing this light. I also remember looking into my best friend’s parents’ house and seeing the same light. So tender.

My bible verse today was an oldie but a goodie. John 16:33. I’ve been really into searching my verses on pinterest lately because I love to see the words made into art.



Both of these images just struck me almost to the point of chills. I love that they both, perhaps unconsciously, incorporated water. A metaphor of baptism if you will.

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world” John 16:33

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