Friday Night Lights

Ok, let’s all catch up to speed. We’ve been away at training for the week so nothing changed on the house except for a layer of dust and some parched house plants. Ok good I’m glad we are all caught up!

I’m a huge proponent of the clearance lighting section at Lowes and I check it out whenever I’m there. Lighting can be expensive and if you know you will need a fixture one day I’m totally the type to buy it and store it until needed. That’s how I found these sconces on sale for $11 a piece! (the double arm ones are only $18 now)

This morning started with one eye open at 5:45am remembering a clearance light fixture I had seen a few weeks ago that I thought would work in our hall bathroom. I planned out my morning telling myself I would just stop by Lowes and scoop it up on my way to work. There I was at 8am in professional dress clothes amongst all the contractors getting started for the day. Who have I become?? That was about the only thing I asked myself when I walked through the doors. I was really crossing my fingers that they would be sold out and I would be able to purchase the demo light (anytime you buy the demo at Lowes that’s an extra 10% off!)

Here is a picture of the light I wanted on the website…at full price.


The one in the store was on clearance for $24. I really couldn’t believe that when I saw it because you can pay at least $15 for something at habitat to spray paint so I definitely feel like this was a win. (PS: if you live in Greer they had two more left plus the demo as of today if you are interested!) I’m not sure if you could try to call and order this thing online and tell them it was $24 in the store or what but it might be worth a shot.

I didn’t get home from work until around 7 but had already told Blake I was interested in switching out a light. He took this information in stride. Because he is the best. He let me do all the work and was really just there as a supervisor.


(yay me) I did alright for changing out my light fixture except for one big FAIL.

Here is the before:



See it was all rusting and crusty…crusty is something a light fixture should never be.

Here is the after.


Oops. Totally forgot to notice I had lights that faced down before and I bought a fixture with lights that faced up.

Not only does that just look ridiculous but it looks like when you are over the sink you are looking up your light fixtures skirt.


Flashing the goods is another thing you never want your light fixture to do…no one wants a hussy light fixture. …..unless you’re me and you just decide that a nude light fixture looks better!



Forget the shade. We actually love the bare bones look of the fixture sans shade! I wish I could show you what it looks like in real life because when this light is on alone it gives off the most romantic looking light. Imagine if you lit a few candles in your bathroom…that’s what this is like! I think it looks modern and old at the same time. I think it sits tall but it works because these ceilings are so tall. I think in some odd way it works with the other fixture. …after my bout of fretting I’m actually very pleased. (ugh except for dear off white towel you are not cute…)

Next, I think I found my closet’s male counterpart. While catching some waves on the world wide web this week I stumbled across these pictures.




Umm. Ok so I know you guys don’t see inside my head but I’ve shared enough about my closet for you to grasp that these pictures mimic, in a more masculine way, what my vision for the closet was. Black floors, white walls, wooden cabinet, sweet island in the middle, overall uniqueness and handsomeness.

If there was a dating website for closets my future closet and this one would find each other.

Enough non-sense! Happy weekend!

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  1. DiAnne says:

    Love the fixture and love the shade!! Is the cabinet in the male counterpart closet an antique dental tool cabinet?

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