You might remember seeing these wooden fish scales over our front entry.


Don’t get me wrong…when you google “cedar shakes” you see something loosely similar and all these houses look amazing. There is a place and time for everything and these scales on our house were just not…that place…or time…ever.

We had not intended to tackle this project for a while and so it sort of happened on accident this weekend. We had decided we were going to finish painting the three windows we started weeks ago. And by “we decided” I mean Blake said we were not starting another project until we finished the windows 🙂

We went a little overboard painting the trim around the bay window a week or so ago and decided to paint parts of it back to the original color of the house…problem was we needed to color match the house paint. I was adamant that the sample come from the front of the house so the sun fade would be consistent. We just decided we would pop off one of the pieces of hardy board under the scales and wouldn’t you know it the nails just broke the piece. Oops. After a few four letter words we decided if we were going to buy more board anyway (and you have to buy 12ft pieces) we might as well just go ahead and descale.

tearing scales off

We managed to get all the boards up before the sun went down last night

after new board

Then I painted at the crack of dawn. Yay for coffee!

coffee and paint brush

I can say this now that the project is complete but this was one of the easiest fixes we have done. It didn’t take very long and also didn’t cost very much.


I’m pretty sure we did everyone that ever lays eyes on our house a favor. Here is a fun day we moved in until now picture!


There is still a long way to go on the outside of the house but this was a major stride in the right direction! The closet is inching along still. Can’t wait to be finished!!!

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there! I was thinking today about how I used to hang out with my Dad in his shop and he would let me tinker with tools and I feel like if he hadn’t given me that freedom I wouldn’t know my way around renovating a house now 🙂 Of course Blake’s Dad built houses and took him along to job sites so really, a large part of this blog we owe to our Dads!


There’s nothing like a good laugh between a Dad and a daughter 🙂

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  1. Kathy says:

    Katie and Blake, it looks awesome! I didn’t hate those scales as much as you did….but once again….you were right. And, to think…it was less than six months ago that you were using that app to draw out what this would look like. Great job! (Love the wedding photo as well!)

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