Closet light

Phew! What a day. Started with coffee, devotional, work day, networking event, Lowes trip, dog weigh in, thrifted light hung.

There’s some type of customer camaraderie when you find yourself at Lowes 15 minutes before closing. Like you all feel connected by some level of sympathy. I mean really…what business does anyone have at 9:45 on a weeknight with home improvement. Your toilet better be overflowing…like into your bed to feel that desperate.

No, our toilet was fine but I was desperate to hang the closet light fixture. Bless Blake’s heart. I know that’s what you are all thinking. At least those of you that live in the south. He is the best. It’s true.

When we got home I decided it was doggy weigh in time. Our vet told us a while back Lola needed to lose weight. She’s really been looking thin so I wanted to make sure we hadn’t gone overboard. No way. She gained weight. Poor girl.

Meanwhile, Finley is just his skinny little self.

Not the slightest bit amused.

Then we hung a light fixture for the closet! This is one I thrifted a while back for $10. I did splurge on the medallion ($20) because I just felt like that really kicked it up a notch. I’m going for drama so I can’t just have light fixture on bare ceiling. This closet is where my inner diva will reside.


It’s really a simple, dainty little light. I feel good about it fitting in with the era of our home. Oh, and it only made a little mess.

rule #2534 of renovation: messes made after 10pm can be cleaned up later. Goodnight everyone!

2 thoughts on “Closet light

  1. Kathy says:

    Your Lowe’s is open until 10:00???? Cute post! I love how you weigh the dogs. We have a medallion under our ceiling fan in the kitchen and it was worth it. I am anxiously awaiting the finished closet. You get work done!

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