Oops I did it again

I totally pulled a Brittney Spears this weekend.


I mean, the red jumpsuit totally fit in with my uniform as this all went down in the local target. For the record….I went in for a black tshirt. Then I thought…. “I’ll just make a pass through the home goods section” mmmhmm….that’s how it always starts isn’t it ladies?

That’s when I saw a cute little ottanman for $17. I purchased this in charcoal but they had these three red ones for $17 each.


This lady and I had a conversation all about decorating on this aisle and decided someone should buy all three and put them in a mudroom or entry way with hooks over them for kiddo belongings. Then I saw drumroll please….a kitchen cart. For $40.


What is it about me and kitchen carts? They are just so darn handy.

So this one was the display and was actually nailed to the shelf. Conversation with Target employee was as follows:

Katie: “could you help me get down this item”
Employee: “sure! ……oh wait…..this is actually screwed in. There are screw holes in this….i’m not sure how we will ever get this down”
Katie: “oh, simple, just bring out a drill and we can unscrew that baby in a couple seconds and I’ll be on my merry way. I’m happy to buy this at a discount since it has holes….that will be nothing for me to spackle and repaint. I actually love that it’s already put together!”
Employee (on their radio calling manager): “Hey…umm..we have a customer who wants to buy a piece of furniture that is screwed to the display. She says she doesn’t mind having the holes in it”
Employees boss: “Absolutely not! That is a huge liability! We cannot and will not under any circumstance sell furniture on display”
Katie: “dramatic eye roll and libertarianism speech about what a drain on the environment and how wasteful Corporate Target is. Sorry Target. If you were to ever try and sponsor this blog I might turn you down on principal alone. However, I will continue to shop there because they have awesome stuff. But really….they’re going to waste at least one of everything they sell because they fasten it to the display. Ugh.

Anyways, they had one still in a box. I took it home in my car. Blake was at a conference all weekend and so I managed. The box was too heavy to move so I opened it in my car and carried it piece by piece up the stairs and tried to assemble it on the top floor.


Today after church Blake and I went to purchase doors for the closet. I had it in my mind that we would buy plain hollow slab doors and trim them out. When I realized we would need 22 feet of trim PER DOOR for the pattern I wanted I remembered that we didn’t actually win the lottery and I went with a standard 2 panel curved top door. I’m happy I did this. We managed to hang the doors today. We went with three solid doors (French doors got axed because we didn’t win the lottery). We went with three because they can all be on the same track and one spot will always be open at a time.


The top isn’t on the kitchen cart “island” because I decided to paint over the butcher block look. The drawers have dividers and each side has a hook or bar…perfect for ties!

TIP OF THE YEAR: For anyone trying to install closet rods in an angled wall room use Groover Enterprises! We went back and forth about how to install a second rod in the closet and finally decided ordering these brackets would be best. We are thrilled with the result. They were about $5 a piece, shipped in a timely manner, and worked like a charm!


We also put the legs on the shoe china cabinet.



The china cabinet came with lights in the top. I adore them. I actually sat in the room with those as the only lights for a while thinking about the future. I had that kind of feeling you get when you sit with only you and your Christmas tree.

Hmm. Anyways, this weekend I photographed my first wedding (totally amazing) and Blake went to a conference where Willy and Jase from Duck Dynasty spoke. I’d say this was a win of a weekend.

3 thoughts on “Oops I did it again

  1. DiAnne says:

    Love the china cabinet with legs. Suggestion: go ahead and just store window cleaner/furniture polish upstairs because you are always going to want to spiff the cabinet up. Might have to buy some new shoes to put in it. One thing always leads to another you know. Great tip for hanging the rod. You guys are such worker bees. Makes me want to get up and do something.

  2. Kathy says:

    Why do I always think of you when I hear that Brittney Spears song! LOL! I can’t wait to see that closet all finished. I have been dreaming of a closet room. I love the legs on the shoe cabinet. You are as smart as your dad and as creative as your mom!

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