I’m totally in a blog rut and have just been waiting it out. So here we go….let’s all catch up to speed. Since the last time we chatted I had the opportunity to help photograph a beautiful wedding…



which is ridiculously easy when you have the most photogenic family ever to photograph 🙂

Sort of am half way to having a finished closet/dressing room. I tell ya, moving baseboard is a real pain in the neck. You have to pry it up, strip the old caulk off and pull out old nails, cut to new lengths, nail back in, puddy the holes, recaulk, repaint. It’s for the birds.

We should talk about why we are putting a closet in the upstairs when we live downstairs anyway…

We want to move upstairs because my father in law told us we could raise the rafters and create higher ceilings. So this fall we will be posting about our (hopefully successful) attempt to literally “raise the roof”

Here is the floorplan now:


Here is what it will (hopefully be) later:


So, this closet is hard to photograph because of the awkward shape. Just know that what you see here looks more cozy in person 🙂 Here we are when we moved in:


Here we are a couple of weeks ago:


Here we are after this weekend.


The doors are in operating mode (sans handles because we had to get different screws). For those of you who are visual (like me) the clothes go behind like this and the doors just slide back and forth on a track


This is how strong the rods are


We hung the ironing board hanger thing & curtains


We moved the baseboard around to make the shelves look more built in (still have to caulk & paint)


We are getting there. It’s just SO TEDIOUS. Thankfully the “construction” phase is almost over and then we move on to the cosmetic phase where I finish painting and touching up everything. Hallelujah!

Ya’ll, I actually googled this week “socks in a bird cage”. I mean, we better finish this closet before I lose my mind. But really, ….who doesn’t want to think about creative ways to store their business socks.

Other items of business:

1. What is going on with the white bird of paradise? Is this what plant death looks like? The whole thing is slowing spreading out and falling over. I think I might try a bigger pot and tying the stalks to a stake or something.


2. I drew this picture of our friends Charli & Rex’s dogs. Dog cartoons are sort of adorable and fun and it’s a shame you can’t make a living off of that.


3. We hung our American flag & went to Greer’s “Freedom Blast” It was SUCH a beautiful night and I feel so thankful and blessed we live within walking distance of downtown.




4. Today I got to photograph our friend’s baby. She’s just the cutest 🙂


I feel busier than I have in the past year so bear with me…my goal is to finish the closet THIS WEEK.

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7 thoughts on “PHEW.

  1. Kathy says:

    I am so loving that closet! I am not good at keeping plants alive but my guess is that the bird of paradise needs a bigger nest (pot). Katie, you are an artist disguised as a CPA. I am always excited to see what you are going to do next.

  2. Lauren J. says:

    I just died laughing at the “convenient nursery for future nocturnal tiny humans,” side note! Too funny! Katie, I’m obsessed with your blog. I totally have it bookmarked. You and Blake have done some really cool stuff in that house! I’m looking forward to seeing the finish to that incredible closet you’ve been taunting us with. What girl wouldn’t want a ginormous closet with black floors and a huge plush rug?!

    • numbers and nails says:

      Lol for some reason babies just didn’t do what they really are justice 🙂 thank you for the sweet comments! I am very excited to have a closet!! I can’t believe I’ve made it since last October without one!

  3. DiAnne says:

    The bird of paradise most definitely needs a bigger nest. I think I have just the nest and I will bring it to you.

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