That’s MR. China Cabinet to you

Tonight I finally got around to taking care of the shoe cabinet. Here was the cabinet the day we brought her home:

We realized the top was just too big for the little room. The moulding was beautiful but left 6 inches of overhang on every side which was just not a cute look for this room. We took some inherited MDF board and made a top which I painted black to jive with the floor.

At first I felt like this would look weird but I didn’t really care because we talked about this being a “phase one” top until the day we decide we will add thinner moulding and reinstall the lights. Turns out, we both really love the way it looks! It’s sort of crazy how masculine a china cabinet can look! I’ve been referring to my china cabinet as a she but this china cabinet had a sex change. It’s a boy china cabinet now. We even put in the shelves (also black) which add to the darker look.




Trust me it looks good in person 🙂

3 thoughts on “That’s MR. China Cabinet to you

  1. Kathy says:

    I love it! I want to see it with shoes in it! (What did you do with the molding you removed? Is there a plan for it?)

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