July where did you come from?

Sooo…we’ve been at the beach. I’m pretty much mourning the loss of my vacation tonight but I am super thankful we went and that I couldn’t touch the house for a full week. I needed an intervention…I was putting polyurethane on the floor at 10pm the night before we left.


Can’t stop. Won’t stop.

BUT WAIT. First, we had to celebrate Blake’s birthday.


He’s just the best. That’s really the only way I can describe him. I’m so thankful every day for him.

Ok, basically this shirt sums up the beach trip.


Seriously though. How cute is a kitten wearing sunglasses? Of course I had to wear my tank top with that on the front every other day. Let’s see…. We played putt putt where I continued to make questionable wardrobe decisions.


We went to eat sushi one night and check out these door handles! Awesome stuff.


This was the view from the table which had me doing a double take


….where have I seen this view before?? Oh yeah…..Seattle! check this out?


In the South Carolina picture above those were just clouds but in Seattle those are mountains…pretty cool though that on opposite ends of the country there is similarity.

Back to our house. I’m not COMPLETELY done with the closet but I moved in and I’m calling it done enough. You’ll notice in the pictures below I need to paint that strip of wood on the cabinets. There are a couple other updates we want to make but we have deemed those “phase 2” which ya know…will happens when it happens.








This is the view into the little little room (I’m crouched down on the floor because if you remember this was a hobbit door. It opens up inside and made a perfect spot for my long dresses (which I realized I have an embarrassing number of…I mean…where do I think I am going all the time???)


Next up, today I was sorting handbags and found an old dust bag that came with a Cole Haan purse (I bought at TJ Maxx please you know ain’t nobody got time to be paying full price for anything). Anyways, I just tossed that dust bag over to the side and it landed on a pillow. THEN I noticed I could put the pillow in it and make myself a Cole Haan pillow. I have a couple other dust bags and I guess I could just buy pillow inserts and make myself a whole little dust bag couch. I don’t really care about brands but if I’m going to have a dust bag I think it looks cute in a closet.



We decided to split the white bird of paradise into two so now we have a baby in the guest room I set up in the old room we had been using as a closet.


The big bird looks happier like it really just wanted to push its baby brother out of the nest (and find a bigger nest)


Now that you’ve seen a vacation, dressing room, and thriving plant have a look at our ceilings.





We wouldn’t want you to forget the reality of owning a fixer upper now would we? Dear rain, I love you but GO AWAY. Sincerely, we can only fix one thing at a time party of two.

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