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Oh right, I forgot I write a blog on the side! Truth be told I’m just in a burn out phase of all things screen. Here is my day in screen world:

Wake up: stare at screen to turn off alarm…since the phone is in my hand I’ll scroll through some emails
Coffee: stare at ipad screen to do the morning devotional
Work: at least 8 hours staring at my computer screen
Home: catch up on all social media via iphone or ipad …more screens
Later: might catch an episode of something on the TV screen
Later Later: talk myself into blogging via screen (computer, ipad, iphone)


I’ll get over it but I know I need to make an honest effort to try and at least keep things current. I know personally the blogs I read I get all excited and sucked in and then if there isn’t something new there all the time I get sad about it. Like I miss these strangers I don’t even know. Haha. Oh blogland. You are so fun and so creepy at the same time.

So. Yesterday, we put up crown moulding in the hall bathroom. It was quite an experience situation.

See, if your mind doesn’t think in crown moulding language this will be a very difficult and maddening task. Generally, people who are decent with numbers cannot visualize space very well. Let me clarify: if you have to try more than two times to fit a pair of shoes correctly into a shoe box then you better buy twice as much crown as you need.


Kidding. a little. Not twice as much but you definitely need extra. Or a good plan. And about a thousand pieces of paper documenting each cut, in order, and then a picture diagram as well. oh and two highly trained and experienced supervisors.


Oh and then if just the spacial reasoning wasn’t enough don’t let me forget to reintroduce you to our old friend plaster. Here is what crown with a nail gun should look like. A quick nail in where the stud is (blue tape)


Here is what crown with plaster and a nail gun looks like:


it’s like “here is a healthy wall…here is a wall on drugs”. I shouldn’t blame plaster completely. I mean, Blake may or may not have asked me to turn the pressure on the gun up and I may or may not have thought I was maxed out when it wasn’t even half way up. ….there is inconclusive evidence on that mistake.

I do appreciate our plaster when it is coming a hurricane outside (nearly everyday) because even though all of our belongings get tossed around like toys I can’t even tell 🙂


I’ll show you guys some official before and after pictures of the final product tomorrow once we get it all finished (just need to spackle, caulk, paint). It looks soooooo much better!


ps: I’ll also share our cutting cheat sheet we finally found in the miter saw instruction manual…. who would have thought it could ever be beneficial to read an instruction manual?? 🙂

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