A Fixer Upper Life

I read a blog written by the hilarious Victoria Elizabeth Barnes (really, she’s a riot). This past week she did a post for Houzz which you can read here! (go read it!)

Blake and I took each of her points and made our own comments about them. For anyone who is thinking about whether or not they want to take on a fixer upper here are some things to think about.

1. Whatever your relationship is like now is exactly what your project will be like. Except you will both be on fire.
K- Yes I completely agree with this. It’s like a magnifying glass.
B-We definitely bring both sides of our personalities to the table when it comes to a project. I’m the planner….Katie is the dreamer.

2. Sometime in the first six months, you are going to regret your decision in one way or another.
K-There are definitely days I say to Blake “should we just sell this and move into a completely finished home?”. But that passes when I remind myself by the time we are finished we will pretty much have a custom home.
B-I’ve had regrets in the middle of bad projects but when I get to see the finished project I’m happy again with the house.

3. Your house project will not be a form of entertainment.
K-my biggest mistake. I love to refurb stuff for fun. Let me rephrase that. I used to love to do that for fun. When your whole life is suddenly refurbing it becomes work. It’s no longer a hobby but a lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong…I still enjoy what we do but it’s not my idea of a fun Sunday afternoon anymore.
B-I never thought it would be. I do see the continuous improvement of the house to be entertainment…just not the process.

4. You really cannot know what a house needs until you live in it.
K-AMEN! Let it talk to you because it will. You’ll start to figure out your family flow in the house and what each area needs.
B-That is correct. I feel like we had a big list of priorities when we moved in and hardly any of those turned out actually needing to be a priority.

5. One of you should really know what you’re doing.
K-Yes! You need one who knows what’s going on and one who believes in dumb luck and that ignorance is bliss. Without both…nothing gets done.
B- haha that’s a plus. But…if you don’t know what you’re doing there’s always YouTube!

6. There will be one project that goes on for so long you actually forget there was a time in your life when you were not mired in an epic quest to find the perfect tile.
K-Our first bathroom remodel we thought would take us 2 weeks and it just seemed to go on and on and on. There was always one more piece of trim or one more corner to paint.
B-that would be the bathroom project…that dragged on for a while. With an old house you just never know what you will encounter and no project will go perfectly.

7. Did it turn out beautifully? Yes. Was it worth spending every free minute researching fixtures? No.
K-I’m a huge “make the decision and move on with your life” person. I don’t go back and forth on things fortunately or we would never get anything finished.
B- Katie’s decisive so this doesn’t really affect us.

8. Stress and dirt magnify all your worst qualities.
K-funny thing that stress and dirt really do make you find a reason to completely show your butt at one time or another. Everyone has a boiling point I suppose.
B- Yeah I would say that is correct. Something about stress and dirt make your patience wear thin.

So there you have it. It’s exciting and fun and I’m sure it all looks fun on here but there are not so glamorous days. There are days where you just shut every door you can and sit in your one clean room. I’m so thankful to have such a willing and kind husband. He really does let me do what I need to do.

Here is a link to one of my favorite posts by Victoria. She has the greatest mirrors in all of Narnia!!!

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