Master bedroom pondering

So. You saw last night we busted out a couple of walls. We’ve been scheming and dreaming about the master bedroom pretty much since before we bought the house. We were going to renovate downstairs but then decided to renovate upstairs. We settled on raising the rafters which is supposed to actually not be a crazy ordeal. However, we decided not to do it. Why? Because the whole room would need dry wall. Either we could do it or we could pay approx. $1000 to have someone drywall that one room. Rock. Meet hard place. We did the drywall ourselves in our bathroom renovation and lets just say we haven’t exactly recovered. Mentally. It’s almost like the CPA exam. You do it because you know you have to but the whole time you tell yourself you would never do it again. At least not without a good 10 year recovery period so you can forget the sorrow you drowned yourself in every night until it was over. (I’m 75% kidding. I do feel fortunate I live in a country where I have the opportunity to be educated and have a career). But the other 25% of myself which I’ll endearingly call my firstworlddiva knows that drywalling is for the birds. (But that other 75% is thankful drywall is even on my radar of problems…got 99 probs but a roof aint one!….ok actually it is because it’s leaking..but you know what I mean)

Since we’ve decided to leave the ceilings be we both agreed that bringing light down to people level and taking it off the ceiling would help draw attention away from the fact that the ceilings were lower than the rest of the house (it is a walk up attic afterall…). So we made that decision and then, naturally, we stuck a big black ceiling fan on the ceiling. Picking battles is an acquired skill of marriage I suppose and by year #2 I have decided a battle over my husband’s sleeping climate isn’t worth it. The fan does not have a light and I went with black because I like for things to look on purpose if I’m going to do them. White bothered me…like I was ashamed of it or something.


I’m actually just so, so excited to have a master bedroom. When we moved in we just threw ourselves into the only bedroom that would fit the bed. We haven’t touched the room since and it just doesn’t feel like ours. The words I CAN’T WAIT do not describe my excitement.

So far all we have decided on is a paint color (Anew Gray by Sherwin Williams…this was in our friend Lindsey’s house and it was just the most delicious wall color), a rug, and an electric fireplace situation (don’t knock it til you see it…ain’t nobody got time to be running a gas line upstairs right now).



We’ll be using the furniture we already have but I might put a different spin on the bed I did here.

This is my dream bedroom. It was featured on this website…and try as I might I couldn’t figure out who this bedroom actually belonged to…which is maybe for the best?

bedroom-with-gray-wall-paint -4

There is something about it that is so stinking cozy and inviting. That’s what I want…cozy, inviting, can curl up all this Fall and watch movies in my bed. yes please and thank you.

sigh. back to demo. rule #2039596 of renovation: things must get worse. much worse. before they can be dreamy and cozy.

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  1. Lauren Johnston says:

    I bet smashing a wall with a sledge hammer feels pretty good after a long day at work, am I right?! Can’t wait to see how it turns out! No doubt we’ll be seeing your new bedroom in a magazine sometime soon.

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