For the View

Hello blog world! Things have been crazy on the numbers side of our life. But that’s boring so let’s talk about the nails side of life…

First off…things are slow moving in the upstairs. We basically only get to work on this in any time we have left on the weekends.

…we knocked out a perfectly good wall. It’s like that saying for skydivers…”why jump out of a perfectly good plane?” …it’s obviously for the view. Same principle here. …Sigh.

door 2

I went back and forth and back and forth on this and then one night we just went for it. I actually love it. Although it’s mess fest 2013 right now I try to picture myself getting to see this every morning.

I’ve already planned to make myself this:


As seen on this blog. I’m so excited I can have a bathtub that’s actually connected to our room. Don’t think I won’t rig up 3 mirrors so I can watch the tv in the bedroom in the bath. Bubbles & Bachelor…yes please.

Anyways, the real issue lately is Blake’s inability to understand why we need these bar stools for the kitchen we haven’t touched and probably won’t until 2020 and the kitchen doesn’t even have a bar stool height eating bar they could fit under. ….I know, I’m bewildered at why that isn’t a priority for him either! men.


So I went home a couple of weekends ago and visited two of my favorite places to shop. Today I’m sharing with you photos from The Nichols House in downtown Sylva.


It’s so my style it’s not even funny!! I think the reason I feel so at home in the space is that it’s a) in an old house b) everything sparkles c) there is so much juxtaposition I could kiss it.











It’s just delicious. The variation in textures and the delicate with the manly. It’s just so, SO good. You sort of have to be there to understand so go visit!!

Next time I’ll share my other favorite place, Finders Keepers!

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  1. Kathy says:

    LOVE this post!!! I really wanted you to put that entrance/hole in your wall to the master bathroom. And, of course, I LOVE The Nichols House. I can’t wait to see your Finders Keepers post!

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