4 letter words.

Sometimes….they just happen.

Like when you tell your husband you are definitely capable of measuring and cutting out holes in the drywall for outlet boxes.

Me as Blake starts checking behind me…”Do you not trust that I can read a tape measure babe? I’ve got this.”
Blake: “okayyyyyyy”



about that…

Later that night (around midnight probably) we step back to admire our work and I suggest we just make sure the fireplace will still fit on the wall we created. I don’t have a picture of this because it was more of an event. Throwing ones self on the floor in agony upon realizing the fireplace will NOT fit by 2 inches and that all of the work will have to be undone and redone. I tried to accuse Blake of making fun of my drywall cutting abilities and that this was karma coming back on him. He said he did not make fun of me in his head and that this was a separate, isolated event. righhhhttttt.

Unfortunately the mistakes did not end there. Last night I ran to the store to pick up a post we needed. I got a 10 ft post. Struggled it into my car (Mistake 1: going to the store alone. Mistake 2: drying a crossover SUV) After some wrangling I managed to shut the back hatch. YAY ME. GO ME. YOU ARE SO AWESOME SELF. YOU COULD BE A CONTRACTOR.

Then, I look down to see the light on saying my back hatch isn’t properly closed. hmm. I hopped out of the car almost doing a little jig at how awesome I was, reopened the hatch and SLAMMED it for good measure. If it fit the first time, this will be no issue. I hopped back in the car, turned the radio up, look up and BAM.


Guess my car is 9.99999ft and the post was 10ft. Fortunately Blake was good natured about the event and of course we just feel happy that we are using our car insurance instead of medical insurance. Let’s just say it’s really been a 4 letter word week on this renovation.

Things are still really, really pretty here though so that’s good 🙂


4 thoughts on “4 letter words.

  1. Kathy says:

    Oh, no! My Uncle Otis told me that sometimes it is ok to use those four letter words. Ya’ll are doing a great job. Those things come in threes, so it is all over now.

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