Mega churches, Miley Cyrus, Sconces, and Camels.

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This title. are you ready?

So. First off. We go to a “mega church” and quite frankly I’m a little tired of sitting on that. I was raised in a traditional Methodist church in a small town. It was great. I love that church and I will always love that church.

I went to college and I tried going to church once and it was really big, really Southern Baptist church and it scared the mess out of me and I just didn’t go to church after that.

I moved to South Carolina and like any true Southerner I started asking people of good churches because I needed to meet some people (note the completely self oriented motivation for finding said church).

I met Blake and we decided we needed to find a church together. I was hardcore traditional church oriented. He had been to our church we now attend and suggested it. We agreed we would spend 4 weeks at each church because we all know 1 week at a church can just completely give the wrong impression. We arrived at this “church” and I noticed there was no steeple and the people were not dressed in their “Sunday best”. Blake literally had to pry my white knuckles from the car to get me to even walk in the building. Once inside the building things got worse. It was dark, and loud, and there were lights flashing every which way and I just….quite frankly…felt like I was at a 2 chains concert. I imagine this is what it is like for most close minded first timers.

During that service crazy things happened. My chest tightened and tears started to swell in my eyes. I knew in my heart that message was speaking to me but no way was I going to let Blake know he had won on the church front. I played off the next 3 weeks like I was keeping up my end of the 4 week deal but in reality I was excited to keep going back. I wanted more.

When those 4 weeks were up and Blake asked me where I would like to try going I had absolutely no answer. I knew.

Our church catches a lot of flack for being “mega”. I feel like I can write this post because I was a complete skeptic about this in the beginning. I’ve been there. I get it…..don’t drink the kool-aid. I would say to Blake “it’s so big!” “who will do my funeral” “look at that kid wearing a hat in service”….

To which my husband answered “get plugged in it won’t feel so big…..are you really more concerned about your death than the life you have to live?…..he could have never been to church before and his friend just invited him…I think God is just happy he is here”. BOOM. hammer continuously dropped. I was humbled over and over and over and over again for a year (and still am).

Our church is huge but it’s huge for a reason. We are an Acts 2 church and I’m really, really proud of that.

acts 2

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We do what it takes to reach people who might have been turned away from “religion” before. We learn the Bible (ALL OF IT…not just the pretty parts). We work HARD to get people what they need. This church has taught me that judging another is the worst thing I can do. That Grace and Mercy are the most important part of my life. That God is LOVE. We spend money on our kids, our teenagers, and the broken. We keep marriages together and we give people a second chance. In this day and time a person is more attached to money than anything else. The national average for tithing in a church is 6% of the congregation…our church is 24%. I’m not bragging…I’m just saying if it can get people to break the chains on their wallets then something huge is happening. It taught me that Church is more than a place. It’s a lifestyle. There is not a Sunday that goes by that my soul doesn’t feel stirred up and better prepared for the week. If you’ve never asked God to break your heart for what breaks his you aren’t living yet.

What is wrong with a church getting big? Are people really upset that more people want to go to church? To me, that seems like a good thing.

That brings me to my second point. We joined a small group bible study through church to make it “smaller” and love love love them. Yesterday when all that Miley Cyrus stuff hit the fan I was the first to jump on the “OH MY WORRRDDDDDD” bandwagon. Then I saw this post by one of our friends from small group.

“It’s HARD not to judge…especially when it seems like people are just asking for it…but the fact remains Miley just needs Jesus. There but by the grace of God, go I #Hisgraceisenough”

Whoops. How many times are we humbled daily? Me, A LOT. Then I realized Miley Cyrus is 20 years old. TWENTY. she’s practically a baby. In two seconds I went from feeling bewildered by her judgement to realizing she barely has any anyway. We all do really stupid stuff. we’ve all made regrettable decisions. Why was there NO ONE around to tell her…”honey, that is not a good look”? My Mom always used to say in moments like this “that’s someone’s baby”…and it’s true. It’s not my place even in the slightest to judge her. I’m not saying I would even let my oldest baby (Lola) watch it…but I will hope for her a better path. The only tongue I want to see hanging out for the next 20 years is this one:


Speaking of tongues…we expect to be putting in some tongue and groove in the coming week. and, in other home improvement news, we have sconces people!!


and it’s like, really, really exciting. You can tell how excited B is to be holding those up. I told him it was “romantic, mood lighting”….this is probably the only reason he agreed to install them. We have drywall. Things are happening. We both realized today Monday is a holiday and so we are hoping to wrap things up if we can that day. woot woot. Yall. it’s almost Wednesday…where does the week go????


If you are wondering about that camel click here.

mike.mike.mike.mike.mike. haha LOVE IT.

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