It’s Fall!

I wish I had lots of fun updates and things to share but I don’t. Our house is in the same condition it was in the last time we chatted.

Actually we did buy this table for the HAM patio. It’s nice and sturdy and the cushy cushions came with the chairs…best part. It was $200! Thank you summertime clearance.


I do have a super fun makeover a reader sent us!! Some family friends bought an older house and have been updating it and making it look so nice! They had a long dark hallway like we did and applied the same treatment we did here and it turned out great!!

See before: (lovely bird border…)




after 1

after 2

Brightening up a dark space just makes a home feel so much more inviting and lived in!
Love what they are doing and so happy to see that our house inspired someone! Hopefully we will get to see more updates along the way!

Blake and I are coming up on this house’s first anniversary and I can’t wait to just remember all we have accomplished in a year! Lately we have been feeling a little overwhelmed as the urgent list seems long and does not line up with my fun list :/ Over the weekend we were perusing and I saw a house that I looked at when we were looking for homes over a year ago. The house was at a higher list price then and also under contract but something fell through and it’s back on the market. I asked Blake if he wanted to sell our fixer upper and move into a project free home….he said “we can’t sell our home it isn’t up to code”……oh yeah….about that.

So, visit this link and take a look around. Can we all just admit how amazing that already garnet colored room with a fireplace would be the perfect man cave for B! (he’s a SC Gamecock for those of you who don’t know us) It’s so charming and I just love love that kitchen!! One of you can buy it and then invite me over!

Of course I just want to make things pretty and lately I have my heart set on creating a home office. A legit home office. I want built in floor to ceiling bookshelves and a ladder, a big desk, lamps, chairs, curtains, etc. I’ve poured over home office pictures but for now it’s just dreaming…I know B won’t let me start that until I finish what we started upstairs. Sigh.

Also, I think I might do another be free challenge month. I have sooo many little things that need to be done around here that I just keep putting off and a be free month makes that month’s car payment really fun and exciting!! (I’m an accountant remember?..these things excite me)

I’ll leave you with this sweet photo I took in Charleston last week on my iphone (no filters used!)


my sweet babies loved the beach (well Lola was happy to be there but was not about getting her feet wet). Hey! if you have an iphone and use it to take pictures a lot read this post. I love this blog…Katie is such an honest writer. I was so appreciative that she took the time to write a post about how to get the best from your iphone because that’s what I use! She has some good best practices. Oh and while you’re there check out this faux brick wall inspired by Pottery Barn. It’s a good one!!

Hope everyone has a great, productive weekend!!

6 thoughts on “It’s Fall!

  1. Katrina says:

    Thanks again for the inspiration when we tackled our sad hallway. Actually it is a short (not long),dark hallway and because the house is small you see this hallway from very room …so those birds just weren’t getting it……….LOL. Now I wish you would do some posts on kitchen counter tops as I am having a really hard time making decisions about them! Love your blog and all the things you guys have done!!! You two are so talented!!!

  2. Katie J says:

    Man, I love that house you posted a link to.
    You can get a lot more for your money in your area…sigh.
    When you guys get a chance you should make a home renovation music video.
    I’m sure the two of you would kill it!

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