Challenge Accepted

So the blog world is so cool. It’s such a neat way to hear people’s interesting stories and become inspired and motivated and just in general connected to the rest of the world. When I first started blogging I came across a blog called Planting Sequoias. Anne is one of the great writers of blog land. Entertaining and captivating! I highly suggest catching up with her here. Check out this brooch bouquet!

Anyways, I saw that Anne was doing this October challenge and that inspired me to do one too! This challenge is inspired by Nesters. I’ve been bad about blogging lately so this is just the thing I need to get reenergized and back on track. I’m going to do a post a day about something I love/appreciate in/outside/around/on our house. We’re coming up on our year anniversary in the house I think this will be fun (and easy) so I can get back in the groove.

The challenge is starting tomorrow and I can’t wait. 7 days a week my friends!! Get ready! I know I can at least manage to get a picture up per day 🙂 Also, even if you don’t have a blog I think this is a fun challenge for anyone to just scribble on a piece of paper. I bet by the end you’ll feel in love with your house again. Or maybe you want to keep the list about your spouse , your job, your kids, your pets, etc.

Now. I realize this post would be boring without a picture so behold my fall harvest decorations!


Dear mulch pit,
you are the most aggrevating piece of property we own. you never look decent.
black thumb owner.

(dear readers trust me this looks alright here but when I back away from it all it looks too small….like I tried but didn’t quite succeed)

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