Day 1 of 31 days–the bathroom dresser

In case you missed it here, I’m doing 31 days of posting!

cover for the challenge

Day 1: A dresser under the window in the bathroom.

photo 3

This is my childhood dresser and it fit perfectly under this window which overlooks the back yard. I’m sort of obsessed with storage and so I love having another piece of furniture to stock items in. I have a little chair here and I was concerned I wouldn’t use this much but I actually sit in it every day. The natural light from that window is great for makeup!

photo 4

Of course when I moved this in B was all like “how many pieces of non-bathroom furniture are you trying to bring in here?!?!” and I’m all like “TRUST ME…we need storage” You can see there is a good amount of space between this dresser and the buffet we used for the sink vanity (also mass amounts of storage) so it just filled up dead space quite nicely.

photo 1

Getting to see the sun come up from that window each morning is just something I appreciate and now that we are finished I look forward to making my way through the new door.

photo 2

Definitely helps take the edge off of Monday mornings now 🙂

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