Day 2 of 31 days: our laundry basket

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Day 2: My laundry basket

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I don’t actually think this is mine….(oops…sorry Mom). The very first thing I did on move in day was organize our laundry nook and I plopped some towels into this basket. The basket stays on the washer and was actually put there originally to hide the plugs-ins and valves behind the washer (we plan to build pedestals for the W&D but until then here we are). This basket a) is convenient because there are my dryer sheets and detergent and b)I can fluff some towels in there and immediately look a little more put together like I actually do laundry and carry it around in a pretty basket. The combination of these things just makes me feel better even if it doesn’t go down that way. Don’t you see magazine pictures of people doing laundry and there hair is all perfect and they only ever have white clothing to wash and it’s not even dirty to start with?? And then they are waltzing around their house with a nice basket on their hip?? Please.

photo 2

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