Day 3 of 31 days- the kitchen radio

Yall. So I really tried to post last night. Genuinely tried. It did not work. I could not remember my login. I know that sounds positively ridiculous because I had just logged in the day before. On top of not remembering my password I was apparently also not putting in the correct email (HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!?) Even Blake tried so it’s not just my own personal brand of crazy. I blame the world wide web.

Day 3 is happening now!

cover for the challenge

Day 3: our under the cabinet radio in the kitchen


This radio/cd player was here when we moved in. At first I didn’t love it because I thought “one would not see this in a kitchen in a magazine”….then I got over myself and realized I’m obsessed with it. I seriously turn it on every day when I get home from work because I like the noise. We can play music while we cook….and of course I would never do anything so crazy as to leave it on all day so the dogs have Christmas music to listen to while I’m at work….no…who would do that…..(only sometimes, okay?)

I love to have it on while I clean and I also love to have it on when B isn’t there so I can’t hear everything in the house make noise and I think it’s a robber and arm myself with whatever useless piece of construction material is laying around. Kidding. I do not get that scared (Mom, I’m talking to you. Do not worry). Really I have it on when B isn’t there so I can host myself on my own American Idol.

If you don’t have music in your kitchen you haven’t lived. I don’t always cook…but when I do, I turn on music and pretend I’m a food network chef.

Sidenote: we just recently discovered that 4×4 offwhite tile backsplash goes up behind the cabinets. Why? WHY! I’ll be officially back with day 4 later!

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