Day 5 of 31 days- (never thought I’d say this)

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Day 5: our wall mounted tv in the bedroom


I know it’s totally not alright from a decorating standpoint to love this. It’s a giant black hole on the wall that even pulls out on a hinge to get closer to my eyeballs. It tilts around just in case I would ever want to watch tv from the floor…or the ceiling…or whatever.

When we hung the tv, the first day, I felt personally devastated that I had let this decision be allowable in our home. It wasn’t until we moved up here and I understood the marriage between our comfortable bed, our tv, and my tired self. We are IN LOVE. why yes let’s do pull that tv out 2 feet from the wall like a go go gadget and not even blink for 3 hours while we suck in as much yard crashers as possible every saturday morning!

Generally I am completely against the function over form motto (Blake’s motto) but this is one battle I lost and have been ok with losing. I mean…the tv is staying. it is literally bolted to the innards of our home. there may or may not have been a brief consideration of loosening a screw and letting the tv naturally plunge to it’s death in a timely fashion. of course I would have been there….to pick up the pieces, console my husband and suggest that we hang something lighter in it’s place….like..oh..i don’t know….ARTWORK. no…please don’t think I am that devious. I mean…I might be. But luckily I’m smart enough to know the TV is currently under warranty and would have been immediately replaced and probably triple tightened into place crushing the reality of another fatal “accident” without arousing suspicion of one’s self.

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