Day 6 of 31 days- the yard

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Day 6: the backyard


This is probably one of the reasons we purchased the house. It momentarily blinded us from the excessive work the inside of the house would need. Our puppies are happy to have a place to roam and I am happy to have a place for them to roam and shed hair.

Blake mows the yard probably every couple of weeks (I mowed it once!! he told me I did a good job so this is very exciting for me as I lost the ability to mow the loan when I lived with my parents. I once drove the lawn mower into a boat and sent the boat trailer out the closed garage door. …I learned a valuable lesson that day. Neutral does not equal park.) Anyways, the maintenance really has not been bad on this…granted it rained all summer. We hired true green when we moved in and the past year has definitely proved the worth of that service. We have gone from 3,000 different types of weeds to actual grass!

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