Day 7 of 31 days–dogs in the house

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oops…I fell behind..Day 7- Dogs in the house


I grew up to believe that dogs just didn’t ever go into a house. We lived out away from roads and so really, there was no reason to keep a dog cooped up all the time between the walls.

By my parents guidance I barely dodged the “I’m nineteen and I want a dog that fits in my purse so I can walk around my house like I’m a celebrity” phase of my life. Phew. Close one. I’m happy I survived that phase and I waited until I met Blake and we decided to get a dog together (I’m sure my parents viewed this as another sketchy but seemingly more tolerable behavior). Finley, our goldendoodle, lived at my house. He was my dog you see…Blake simply paid for half of him and taught him (still working on) to adhere to a few general house rules.

Goldendoodles don’t “shed” per say like a normal dog would. They do have hair that falls out but it’s about like a human would shed. Finley also doesn’t stink (unless we throw him in the lake, let him roll in the dirt, and fail to bathe him) He’s an excellent candidate for an inside dog.

When we adopted Lola we wanted a playmate for Finley. She keeps him company and we love her but she does shed…and starts to smell faster but it’s something I’ve come to love because I love her. (she also will lie on her blanket ALL DAY without moving so if I wash that frequently we are alright)


I love having dogs in the house because they bring such a new personality to the mix. There’s nothing better than having a bad day and coming home to someone who acts like you hung the moon and invented all things awesome in this world. They are there for you when you are mean, sad, happy, doesn’t matter.

They are there when you are doing renovations …


When you have late night work to do….


When all you want to do is lie on the couch for an entire sunny Saturday and watch reruns…


They are always there. They protect our house, make sure our yard is free of squirrels at all times, and ….they just make us really darn happy people.


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