Day 8 & 9–grates & the pit stop

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Day 8—the old air grates


Our downstairs is lucky to still have the original grates (registers?) in place! The upstairs (not so lucky…but at least we have doorknobs!)

These were one of the first things I fell in love with about the house. Eventually I do want to take them off and try to ungunk (yes I did just make that word up) and repaint just so they look a little fresher. We also need to clean behind these things because with them being wide open all sorts of goodies go back there to live.

We watch enough salvage dogs to know we have a collector’s item here and so these have no plan of ever being traded out. In fact, I keep my eyes peeled in the salvage yards for ones to go upstairs but no luck yet. Also, if you don’t watch salvage dogs you should start. You’ll learn a whole lot about old houses!

Day 9—the dog food station


We made this lovely pit stop for dogs in this post here. I just love their little spot in the house. I think it’s cheerful and comfortable without screaming “look at me I have dogs that live in the house and I sacrifice design aesthetic for them!”

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  1. Chad's Crooked House says:

    Buying a house for the heat registers totally makes sense to me! If you buy a cheap crock pot or stock pot or whatever they’ll fit in at Goodwill and boil them the paint will soften. That’s how I did my door hardware.

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