Days 10-14….catching up!

In my own defense the numbers side of my life has a deadline tomorrow.

cover for the challenge

Day 10: The kitchen island family

kitchen island

I love my little family of items that congregate on the end of the kitchen island and make it look like I use this thing. The newest addition is this sculpture which was one of my mom’s first (she’s an artist). It’s industrial and I think just fits in the kitchen. I actually think it’s my inspiration for a kitchen.

Day 11: TV in the basement

photo 1

This TV was here when we moved in and really got Blake through some of the long fall nights we spent renovating our first bathroom.

Day 12: Shaker doors


Our doors…..50 coats of paint and all the style is priceless to me. If I wanted to go buy this shaker style now it would cost way more money than I have to spend on doors. I need to get around to fixing these bad boys up…it’s crazy hard to believe it’s been a year and they are all untouched. Shows you how much the things you hate the first month become quite tolerable….

Day 13: Motion light

photo 2

Our carport has four fluorescent lights hooked up to a motion detector meaning I never have to pull up in the dark. This came with the house and is a feature I probably wouldn’t have thought of so I’m happy someone else did!

Day 14: Chimneys

after new board

Even though we don’t use either of our fireplaces I love that the house has two of them. The two chimney look from the street makes me a happy camper…and gives me something to look at so I can stop cringing at the beige and lack of landscaping…

Other reasons I’m behind include this:

photo 3

yep…operation upstairs hallway makeover is in full swing!

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