Just Say No

I spent a large amount of time as a kid attending D.A.R.E. presentations. Just “say no” they would tell us.


Over the past 26 (almost 27) years I have drawn my own conclusions on what to say no to. Much like this collective chart I have 6 things I generally need to say no to.


1. Watching infomercials
2. Visiting animal shelters “just to look”
3. Running
4. Scary movies
5. Picking out clothes the night before
6. Day by day CHALLENGES.

I think we’ve learned, together, these are not for me. I will list below the remaining 15 favorite things about our house and then we will move on to bigger and better things…like how I have made the upstairs hallway look like a place people might actually want to visit!

1. The street—I love our street name. West Arlington Avenue. It makes me feel like I could be a cast member on Scandal.
2. The view out the back window—when the leaves fall I can see the mountains.
3. How the vent in the bathroom is perfectly positioned so that it makes my side of the rug warm
4. The entry alcove and window
5. Having laundry in the kitchen—I thought I would hate this but I actually love it. I see it and therefore I do it….sometimes.
6. Pantry doors—ever since I painted these puppies black in this post I love them
7. the holly tree outside—at Christmas I can keep fresh decorations for free!
8. the Christmas trees in the drive—There are two Christmas trees growing between our house and our neighbors house…I want to put lights on them this year!
9. Lighting—there seem to be light sockets where I want them to be in this house. The other day I looked up and there was a light in a closet I had never realized before.
10. Never thought I would say this….and may retract it when we have kids…but the closed concept. I feel cozy when I can sort of close myself off into a room.
11. closet built ins—sooo nice to have open shelving. I already don’t like to fold but this is one less step than folding AND opening the drawer/stuffing in.
12. arches—I think it gives the house character
13. Halloween on our street—300+ kiddos looking to us for candy! We’re excited that Halloween can be a fun experience for our own kids some day
14. Grass in the front yard—true green is totally rocking out and our grass is actually starting to look like we aren’t embarrassed anymore
15. Window in the door in the kitchen –It’s the kind that have the blinds built in between the glass and you can open, close, raise or lower them… yes, dog proof and lets in so much light when I want it to.

So there is that! Now let’s remember the upstairs when we moved in. It was frightening. I remember hating the pictures of it online because it looked haunted to me. It wasn’t inviting, cozy, functional…really just the beginning of a horror movie.

before 3

It’s not AS bad here with the light on….

before 2

You might remember (I know it’s been a WHILE) but we tore out the railing here and started replacing it with this stuff we found outside of an old antique store.

Well, here is the upstairs NOW!


We are still working on the floor so that is to come but can we talk about how amazing it is to have railing that is actually up to code!?! We paid $35 for the new railing and had all the paint on hand. Funny story…we donated the old railing and walked into Habitat the other day to find it priced for a modest



photo 1

photo 2

Anyways, I’ve even decorated it with some garland and ribbon.


I love how clean the upstairs feels now. I like to stand in the corner of the bedroom and look into the bathroom we put in, into the hallway that’s now bright and warm, and into the diva closet. That’s my happy place. It’s where I go to forget that we have other major issues to deal with and that the room across the hall is actually still BRIGHT purple and teal….

It feels nice to be back in blogland. Work has been a little crazy, other things have been a little crazy but I started thinking the other day…I blog best when I’m busy. I started this blog right before busy season and then the most I ever updated was right in the thick of busy season….I think it’s my therapy to offset the other, more number oriented, side of my brain when I don’t have time to actually go do. When I do have time to go do the things I’m dreaming about I get really wrapped up in them and don’t take as much time to sit down and type my dreams out. I feel like we have so much to catch up on!…like how I was a peacock for halloween and it was the best, warmest idea I ever had.


This dark at 5:30 thing is really throwing me off! It’s 8pm and I feel like I am up past my bedtime…

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  1. Kathy says:

    I am glad you are back in blogland too, Katie. Several friends have asked me when you were going to blog again. (You were missed.) Anyway, I love, love, love the stairway. (I sort of wish you had kept the old railing for a future project. But, Habitat can use the donation.)

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