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Ahhh the new year. Last time we left off the tide was going out on our miscarriage and coming in on our new home office. That whole situation made me realize several things.

1) I know A LOT of people who have had a miscarriage….like I might know more people who have than haven’t. That’s a fact that only those who have lost a baby will understand doesn’t make it easier…but makes it….something…something different. You feel a bit welcomed to a sorority. It just makes you feel better…in a weird way. So, I just feel like you who read this are the sweetest people ever and thank you again. 🙂

2) My husband might actually be the nicest person ever….? Y’all. Y’ALL. I wouldn’t say I’m a crazy person. I’m pretty level emotionally and I don’t go on crazy shopping trips and leave the bank account dry. I do however, fixate. I nest. I maybe don’t think rationally 100% of the time. So when a few weeks ago I told my husband that I need to buy a gallon of black paint for our home office he DIDN’T EVEN FLINCH. Or blink…or do anything…and I know what you’re thinking… “oh honey he just wasn’t listening…” no, you guys, I said it again. Then I opened the paint and splashed it up on the ceiling and he just sat there watching me. You might be thinking….”that’s not that weird…so what your husband doesn’t care about décor…it might be weird if he did?” No, I have proof that my husband completely and totally understood my mind and my heart at the time and he was just letting me do my thing. What man is going to help you paint the ceiling of a room without moving a thing out of it??? Looking back at this photograph makes me feel crazy. It also makes me know he must have mustered a lot of self-control (or perhaps it was fear??) to just stay quiet and let me go because trust me….hahaha there’s no way he would let me do this any other time.

photo 4

I know my husband…and I know this made him feel crazy because he’s totally one of those “just so” types of people. I think he just knew I needed to do what I needed to do and I so appreciate it. He’s the best. And for the record….I’ve completely cleaned that room now ha!

3. When a doctor says “rest”….he actually means physically. I knew I had some time coming up off of work and I thought oh that’ll be perfect I can “rest”….during that time off I painted the whole room/ceiling …almost all by hand…not even a roller…yes I was after distraction. So I logged a lot of hours arched up on a ladder. When my back felt it may actually break into a million pieces I complained to my mother (of course what else is there to do…) She said “your body cannot tell the difference between work work and fun work”. This may seem dim but I have never thought of it that way. So for 2014…in addition to practicing patience I’m also going to practice the art of rest. In a business that 7 days a week during busy season you are expected to be working at least a little I’m going to try my hardest to get everything done by the 6th and rest (actually rest) on the 7th…as God intended for humans to do.

In addition to the above this year my resolutions include flossing, drinking water, and at least going to the gym we pay for at least once a week…it’s a long story how I got into that mess in the first place. Anyways,

We are still working on filling out the office space but here are a couple of teaser pictures.

photo 2


It’s so perfect to me. I just sit in there and stare at the ceiling.

office 2

In other news I turned 27 last month so naturally I was delivered cheesecake and coffee in bed (See #2 above)


And I saw Santa so that was pretty magical.

photo 5

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