Pinterest can be Poisonous

I’m not sure what happened late Saturday night but I had just had it up to here with our pantry and decided that out of all the things I actually needed to be doing that I needed to be organizing the pantry. We had just arrived home from being out of town and I didn’t even take my bag to my room before I started in on it…I’m sort of ridiculous in that regard I suppose.

I think I’m on the eve of my crazy season at work and that sort of itch and squirming that settles in before you need to get responsible is happening. Doesn’t this happen to pregnant people? “Nesting” they call it…those last couple of weeks before you actually have to be in charge of your future lineage. Yes, well, I’m nesting to prepare for chaos. Sometimes our friends think we are crazy because we do sort of go under a rock for 4 months…we aren’t really good friends to anyone….we just try to at least feed the dogs…our phone bill goes to a whopping zero minutes used and we might as well cancel the cable bill. We also somehow manage to eat but I’m not exactly positive when/where/or how it happens. I know I’m making that sound awful and it’s NOT miserable (we wouldn’t do it) but it is just sort of this nonsensical chaos created by things other than work. I actually think the majority of time is spent just getting from point A to point B and trying to make sure shoes at least match before you leave in the morning. …this can be harder than one might think.


Anyways, the pantry. Here is before….please don’t judge me—contrary to this picture I was not raised by wolves.


I took absolutely everything out…

photo 2

Once everything was out I realized the walls were all dingy and scraped up (enter lack of self control)…I grabbed my leftover Anew Grey (bedroom and office color) and went to town. I just want for things to feel cleaner and cared about. I won’t say that the thought of crown moulding and a different light fixture didn’t cross my mind but I mean…I do like my husband and would like to remain married this year 🙂 so I kept those thoughts to myself.

photo 4

Next I felt really peeved by the wire shelving because half my stuff tips over and wobbles around causing domino effect around the pantry. MADNESS. I had this black bookshelf I found at an auction that has been tried out in practically every section of the house and never fit in. It’s perfect here!! Once I had that in I just started organizing spices and canned foods. From there I put back in the shelving and grouped like items together. We even have space leftover!!

photo 5

photo 3

I’m pretty obsessed with our pantry now because now I know what types of food we actually have 🙂 Looking back on the pantry if you’ve been with us a while you may remember it didn’t even have doors in the beginning…here is the post explaining the door addition. This pantry was actually an original entrance to the house so it was just closed in but never insulated. During the winter it’s actually like a second refrigerator.

Now, for the virtue of this story. Several months ago our preacher preached a sermon about comparison and how dangerous it can be for humans. Social media has made comparison almost completely unavoidable…and deceiving!! You start comparing your life to other people’s via facebook when you know people are probably only giving you the highlights. During this sermon he said “I want to speak to the ladies for a minute…” and he had us lean in closely. He said “Pinterest is poisonous!” Now, the crowd erupted in laughter but you know what? He was right. We pin all these home décor things that are either a) completely impractical b) COMPLETELY out of our price range or c) both

The past year I’ve been quietly giving our pantry the side eye because a long time ago I made the mistake of searching for pantries on pinterest. Worst. Idea. Ever. They are BEAUTIFUL. ….but the people who have these pantries in their home evidently starve. Redoing our pantry and realizing that it was absolutely perfect for us made me realize that our house isn’t ever going to look like a pinterest museum. Our pantry is not aesthetically pleasing at all but it’s organized and it is stocked which is a crazy crazy crazy huge blessing…pinterest almost let me miss that. So here I am….breaking up with the home décor category of pinterest (I’ll never give up the humor section…)

I hope that our blog will only be a source of inspiration for others and that people never lose sight of the fact that I can crop out the bad parts of pictures and trust me, I do.

In other more exciting news we moved the desk into the home office!! I am typing from it!! However, I am surrounded by a few boxes of things that need organizing and also I’ve run an extension cord to the desk because of course the room has two outlets on completely the wrong walls 🙂 ….ahhh the joy of 1941. So here is an in progress shot. Oh and now you know that I totally am only showing you the clear side of the room..ha!


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