Let’s be productive! …and floss

Must stop the glorification of busy!

Apparently I don’t sit with all the cool bloggers at lunch so I missed the fact that the trend now is to have a “word of the year”…resolutions are SO 2013. My word is productive. It’s time to cut the busy crap and actually do something or do nothing but don’t be that annoying person caught in between who is “busy”.

I’ve been working in our home office a lot recently but haven’t gotten around to finishing organizing or doing something about the 10 million cords running wild and reproducing around the sides of the desk. I did however manage to makeover the mirrored closet door in here.

Some of you might freak out when you realize I did away with this nice glass door but please let me save you the trouble and let’s just all agree that the glass was beyond saving. I couldn’t see my reflection in it and it couldn’t be cleaned….it was just OLD. And not the old I’m trying to keep around…it’s not useful or practical. It’s just sitting there pretending to do something but really doing nothing at all (“busy”…you might call it).

So. Here we are. Princess cruise stickers and all.


I purchased some cork paneling and covered the top half of the glass. It’s just stuck on with those sticky hanger thingies (best invention ever). The bottom half is painted with chalkboard paint. I don’t really do a lot of chalking but white board and magnetic paint were like the price of gold (like $34 dollars for a quart!! Whaaaaa?!) and I don’t have gold to spend on that. I figured I’ll doodle something inspirational on there and then I’ll leave that until I have a tot who likes to draw on a chalkboard while the mom is working.


In other news, I have bangs now.

photo 1

It was really a rather intense hair session with my cousin in law. She said “do you want them?” I said “I just can’t commit” and she said “commit” and then we chopped. I do love them but I also can’t decide if I feel like I look like I’m 30 and work at that bank from Sweet Home Alabama or if I look 23, chic, and like I work on the set of Devil wears Prada. Things to ponder. Here is me pondering my bangs whilst focusing on my chandelier that is still my new favorite thing and I’m still writing Santa thank you letters daily….

photo 5

In other, more important, relevant, people still won’t care but will care more, news…. I’ve been spending a lot of time in the office just looking around and absorbing little tiny frames of the room. Areas that appear complete and wonderful. I space out on those and then pretend like the whole room/house/my life is finished.


photo 4

photo 3

photo 2

Well, I should go be productive somewhere. Y’all, I got a fitbit for Christmas. My main fitness goal is to walk 10,000 steps per day. I’ve met it once. It’s official. I’m sedentary (not to be confused with dysentery all you Oregan Trail gamers!). Darn accounting. The good news is …I did floss today…that counts for at least 3,000 steps in my life progress book.

Happy productivity everyone!

8 thoughts on “Let’s be productive! …and floss

  1. Kathy says:

    You crack me up! Your word could have also been “random” ….LOL! (I actually think you made the same resolution as Darlene…..do you remember hers?) Your bangs look like they have always been there. Pretty!

  2. Donna Bommer says:

    Katie, One more enjoyed communique from you! Yes, I like your bangs a lot! I’m “your mom’s age”…and have recently decided “I’m too old for bangs”…and long hair… so letting the bangs grow out (a PAIN!) and rest hair cut shorter. So have bangs while you’re young and enjoy. I bet Blake likes them. I hope he’s one of those really admiring and complementary husbands, always telling you how beautiful and wonderful you are. So I’m one of your Mom’s fellow-Finders-Keepers-booth-havers….and I retired from this school system bout same time as your mom. I told her the other day how very much I enjoy your blog, but that I’m not much of a “commenter”…and she said how much you enjoy comments–of course–so tonight, just thought I’d let you know I appreciate ever one of your entries. I missed you for that while in the fall…and cried with you when I read why you were absent…and delight that the Lord is so well known in your life–and Blake’s. What a ministry you can/will have with what God has allowed in your lives. But…happily…just know that your blog is greatly relished here…your home and pics..and ideas. LOVE the black doors… I had painted my doors a dark “roosevelt” taupe years ago, and if we ever feel able to change our colors to the grays etc, I’ll look forward to black doors. Anyway, God bless you, and keep enjoying all He’s given you!..and sharing with us “out here”!

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