Making way…for the air hockey table

Saturday night. 7PM. Blake and I are going to Wal-Mart to buy magic erasers. Part of our conversation on the way there was how and when exactly shopping for cleaning supplies on a Saturday night became part of our lives.

We walk in and immediately see a pool table for $140. “wow, that’s a really good deal!” we each said… 5 feet behind the pool table are air hockey tables for $100. “WOW…that’s a really good deal.”…Blake said. A few minutes pass of just standing there staring at it. He is in love….I am wondering how I missed that apparently an air hockey table has been numero uno on the husbands want list?!??

We walked around the store getting what we came for but discussing nothing other than the logistics of where said air hockey table was going to live. You pretty much have to dedicate a room to the thing. Blake suggested that it can always live in the basement…I was not really about that because our basement is nearly full and it’s also where things go to never been played with again. The only other reasonable option was to put it in the man cave and move the couch to the living room (which currently never gets used). When we decided to move the couch we decided we should also move the tv. While we loved having it in the man cave…it was pointless to have in there if there was nowhere to sit. It also was too small of a room to have a lot of people over to watch a game. Moving it into the living room actually made a lot of sense to us.

So, we went home without the air hockey table because we wanted to measure some things/brainstorm. Saturday nights are real ragers for us yall 🙂 Magic erasers to rearranging furniture.

We inherited a radiator cover from Blake’s family and it’s been in our dining room since just waiting for it’s perfect introduction to the world. I somehow convinced Blake that we could shove all of the tv components and cables into the radiator cover and put the tv on top for a nice clean look.

photo 3

We cut a hole in the back and wrapped the edges in weather stripping to make sure no sharp edges were exposed. We bought felt pads for the legs to sit on and it was good to go!

photo 2

We are loving being out here so far!

Install Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center.lnk

…and the guys are loving the air hockey table


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  1. Kathy says:

    Funny! I wondered if Hunter made it back safely. I guess so…since that is the shirt he was wearing when he left here. Thanks for taking care of him. Looks like a fun place to be!

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