The ugliest room and Finley’s demotion

Well, a lot of sawdust and Lowe’s trips have been underway already. If you follow us on facebook you probably already know we are expecting!


And baby H is a girl!

This is a very prayed for little girl already. I’ve been very cautious and a little more guarded about this pregnancy because the last one didn’t work out the way we thought it would. However, we’re out of the most risky time now and I’m starting to celebrate our little one and get excited….even though she continues to press buttons on her control panel making me sick every day 🙂 “let’s just lay on the couch and nap all day mom”…that’s what she’s trying to get across…

Anyways….let’s take a look at where she’s supposed to be living in a few short months. EWW. EWW. And EWWWWWWWW. She’ll surely never want to come out if she sees this place!

We’ve got holes in the walls, hideous paint (the CEILING is PURPLE!), an almost destroyed floor, bare bulbs hanging about, absolutely no closet system and a crap ton (yes that is a technically unit of measurement) of stuff in here. This room has been collecting items from moving…or from when we did other projects and needed to clear out another room..etc. Seriously, if you see things you gave us in this pile of stuff do not feel offended…things float around our home.

photo 3

photo 2

photo 1

photo 4

Things we want to do in here…in no real order here…

Clear everything out
Replace bulbs with real lights
Patch all our holes
Paint and then paint more
Trim the room
Install floating floor like in bedroom
Install a closet system
Put doors on the closet
Paint doors

….and then we’ll feel like we are where normal people start with a nursery. And we’ll be able to tell baby girl her dad pretty much built her room with his bare hands…and I was busy sitting in the corner eating grapes and any other fruit I could scavenge.

On a side note: do any of your pets do that thing where they get very curious and excited if they see something moving under a sheet or blanket? Like we will stick our hand under a blanket and move it around and Finley tries to pounce on it and bite at it. Recently I’ve become concerned with what he will do when he can actually see a baby move under my skin in my stomach. Will he bark at me? Pounce on me? Vow to get the squeaker out of it as quickly as possible? …that is his main goal in life isn’t it? His reign as only child (he sees himself as human and Lola as a cat) will draw to a close this winter and we’ll find out!


We Blake have has been very busy already so I hope to actually be able to share things in a more timely fashion. I will say as of about 6pm tonight there wasn’t one trace of teal paint to be seen!

7 thoughts on “The ugliest room and Finley’s demotion

  1. kathy says:

    YAY! We are so excited for you and Blake! (And, of course, for DiAnne and Mitch!) I can’t wait to see the finished room. I know you will have some wonderfully creative ideas! How fun! And, what a lucky, blessed little girl she is going to be!

  2. Erin says:

    I see what you meant! 😉 Great room though – pretty wood floors! I painted ours over the weekend before I get any larger and came up with more reasons not to. Hooray for nursery planning!

  3. Fran Eveerleigh says:

    Katie and Blake, the event of having a baby girl is thrilling!! We are all excited about this glorious event> You will be in our thoughts AND PRAYERS. Love, Aunt Fran

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