We’re backkkkkkkk

Long time no see! We are officially half way through cooking this turkey and I’m happy to report there has been great progress on her living arrangements! Grab a cup of something because we could be here for a while. Also, if you know me you know I can chase a rabbit so just bear with me when I start to ramble.

Let’s revisit the list I had posted last time

-Clear everything out—check!
-Replace bulbs with real lights—check!
-Patch all our holes—check!
-Paint and then paint more—check!
-Trim the room—check!
-Install floating floor like in bedroom—check!
-Install a closet system—check!
-Put doors on the closet—check!
-Paint doors—ehhhh haven’t made it here…also need to boil a doorknob or two. Progress that has happened on doors was the fact that B spent about 3 hours one night trimming and shaving the upstairs doors so they would close “quietly for the baby”…Dad thoughts.

So, the ceiling in here is not high. At all. This means I couldn’t have the giant fun colored chandelier I had been wanting. Boo. This fixture would actually be the first thing we brought into the room so I just felt this immense amount of pressure to get it right….as if the baby will somehow know or care at all what type of light is on her ceiling. I wanted clean and modern but not too modern. I also didn’t want bare bulbs if they weren’t going to be pretty candle bulbs on a dimmer. I wanted something gender neutral (again, things would be different if I had 3 feet of room to work with). And lastly, I didn’t want to spend a fortune because hey….it’s just a light. I’m the type of person who really believes it’s completely appropriate to spend more money on a dimmer switch than it is on the fixture. Also encouraging….we knew things could not become worse than they were. We chose this light from Lowes:

light from lowes

hanging light

I’m not really sure why I feel like sharing the above picture. I doesn’t tell a reader much but maybe I just want you to look around at that half primered wall and the disaster mess that this is so that you more appreciate the after pictures I share below. selfish. oops.

*side note: we did paint the ceiling first so we wouldn’t have to paint around the fixture….ceiling was purple before and we just went with a primer & paint ceiling paint with the most faint hint of gray…2 coats.

Painting the room was a pretty serious undertaking. There was A LOT of color blocking that needed to happen so we did have to use a thick primer just on the walls that were bright teal. Once we had a coat of that we did two coats of paint (color: Benjamin Moore’s “anew gray”….also in our office and master bedroom). We used zero voc paint (except for the primer but that gets sealed over by the color paint) and I wore this respirator the whole time. I have mentioned these respirator’s before…just do yourself a favor and make the $30 investment. They really are not uncomfortable and we upgraded mine this time to have the pink filters. No not to celebrate the girl but because the pink filters are made for more heavy duty stuff …more intense chemicals than your basic paint.Walter White would approve this message.

So, here are the walls looking smoother, cleaner, fresher post paint!

daylight gray paint

grey paint

Next we put down the same floating laminate flooring we did in our master bedroom. Things I have probably mentioned before and will mention again: This floor is a floating/locking system and therefore it is not nailed into the original hardwoods at all. Refinishing the upstairs hardwoods has just not been in our phase 1 of life budget but it eventually will happen and therefore this solution just bought us some time. We have loved the durability of the floors in our master bedroom and felt like this was also going to be a toddler proof choice. Related, but mostly off topic, our plans for the future upstairs are to have a master suite and have this room be an office (we do not want to share a bathroom with our grown children when there is a bathroom downstairs). So, this will serve as a nursery, child will be launched to a downstairs bedroom…so on and so forth. On a more unrelated topic I plan to sink bathe the child until she is too big and then the downstairs bathroom will be where all the rubber ducks and bath crayons reside…must maintain sanity by having at least one adult space in the house at all times 🙂

Here I am putting down the floor. I can’t remember how many weeks pregnant I was here but I was still not feeling well and so this is about where my work stopped. The constant bending over and stuff was just not for me so MAJOR kudos to the husband for laying the entire floor!

me laying floor

One thing I completely jumped over you can see in the picture there is that brick wall. I have to save that for another day. I’ve broken up with it 3 times, begged it to take me back, loved it again, broken up with it again. B says “it’s NOT coming down”. So. I’m in relationship counseling with the brick wall and shouldn’t air our dirty laundry on the internet. My mom is mediating counseling….I can’t tell if she really likes it or feels sorry for Blake that I might have suggested undoing his craftsmanship.

Next up (don’t worry I’ll show a wide angle finished picture below) is the closet. There was nothing there when we started so we sanded some rough spots, patched a hole in the wall, painted the whole thing, installed a VERRYYYY flush mount light fixture (it was bare bulb with a chain), and added sort of a “system”.

This is what I had in mind:

expensive closet system

Except it was $329. Rats. So we made our own by piecing together three different box sets (they are made to stack). Was the wood laminate as thick? No. Does it accomplish the exact same thing? Yes. Will it hold up tiny baby clothes? Yes. Will it work just fine as storage someday when this is an office? Yes. Ok then I had to get over myself and realize that while it might not smell of rich mahogany it was getting the job done for a fraction of the cost. Here is what we picked up for $103.

closet pieces


We also grabbed a couple of wooden dowels (this maybe cost us $4) and 4 sets of $2 end caps to fasten them to the walls. I decided I actually like the natural wood look of the rods so we opted not to paint those….they’ll be covered up with hangers in no time anyway! This install didn’t take long at all. We fastened them together as instructed and then anchored each piece to the back wall in a couple of spots. Baby girl could climb this thing if she wanted and it would not tip.

closet baskets

You can see it’s not completed really. On the left side we are debating shelving vs. more rods, etc. I think we may just wait and see what we end up needing. We are also planning to install some hanging baskets on the inside of the doors for extra storage…we’ll see! I picked up some baskets from homegoods to fill in the squares and in the blink of an eye baby girl has begun to amass quite the wardrobe (thank you SO much to our generous friends and family!!) I really do love the way the closet turned out! It has been great so far and I like the different options for storage.

Anyone out there still reading? Mom? Dad? We are approaching the finish line of this already 1200 word post! As I wrap up I need to add that Blake also completely trimmed out the room with baseboard and crown. I don’t have action shots of this but I do want to point it out to you and give him props. You can see in the after pictures how much of a finishing touch it put on the space! PS: if you live anywhere near us and you want trim ask us where to buy it!! We get our trim for at least a third of what the big box stores charge.

OK. Let’s remember where we were once.

photo 3

photo 4

photo 2

ok nowwwwwwwwwwwwww we can really appreciate how far we have come!

clean wide angle 4

clean wide angle 2

clean wide angle shot

Since, we have made forward progress in the color department. We purchased this rug and curtains:

curtains with rug

My parents Santa gifted baby this beautiful hutch cabinet situation:


And I currently sit in the room at night staring at this bear rug (mine growing up) on the rug.

bear rug

Maybe we’ll get a chair soon and I will sit in the chair instead. Is that a common thing to sit in an empty nursery? I do it every night….and I also walk in when I wake up in the morning to make sure it’s still there. I actually don’t think it has anything to do with the baby-ness of it all….I behave this way whenever we update any part of the house 🙂 …circa closet update 2013 here.

So. I leave you pretty much where we are. I promise to discuss the brick wall saga next….

15 thoughts on “We’re backkkkkkkk

  1. diannearts says:

    Love, love what you two have done to this room, and yes I like the brick wall. Love that you pulled out the bear rug.

  2. Donna Bommer says:

    Getting ready for first baby is such a happy time! From setting up nursery to making important decisions like what kind of diapers and names for grandparents! Glad you are feeling well now and making good progress on baby’s “accomodations.” It’s looking great. You will love the brick wall! Also the hutch cabinet from Santa! (Hey, is that the one….? Have I seen it before?…at FK?) Closet is great. I enjoyed every word and every pic of your entry! Welcome back….don’t overdo it, now, Little Mama. Donna

    • numbers and nails says:

      Thank you so much! It is a fun time and on one hand I feel like I’m getting things finished early and on the other it is flying by! That hutch is the one from FK 🙂 we are thrilled to be able to use it! I thankfully have a lot more energy now but no more manual labor in there…just the fun things now 🙂

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