So the brick wall.

It all started here and HERE <– at least scroll and check out her after pictures!

I loved this the moment I saw it. It never crossed my mind how ridiculous this was to use in our home considering we do not actually live in a brick house and so logically there wouldn’t be any exposed brick anywhere in the house. It also never crossed my mind that I wasn’t a professional blogger with mad faux brick white washing skillzzz and that it might not actually turn out perfect…. (or that maybe her gray paint color jived a little better with it…)

So, if you read Katie Bower’s instructions they are good! Follow those if you’re trying to recreate! They are super detailed. I do not have instructions here…simply a dramatic tale.

I told Blake I wanted this faux brick wall in the nursery like 10 years ago (lately I’ve been really into exaggerating) and so we put it in our initial plan and budget and I happily picked up 3 panels of this:

from lowes

Blake did all of the precise cutting/measuring/etc. around the window and for the angles on the walls.


I cannot be trusted to cut out outlet boxes. I was however responsible for the whole “white washing” adventure. Lesson learned #1: don’t be impatient. I did this at night in bad lighting and I didn’t have the patience to really let anything dry before forging onward. Things looked like a total H.A.M. at first and I almost cried but then I remembered I was wearing a respirator and no one wants a respirator full of snot and tears.


When Blake caught wind of the emotional cliff I was teetering on he said “let there be light!” and he hooked up a work lamp for me which really, if you don’t have one, it’s a great way to blind yourself into thinking things look really even and marvelous so you can feel accomplished when you lay your head on your pillow that night.


The next morning:


my gray walls had somehow become beige and my white washed brick in my mind looked too white to the point of being blueish. I felt sad and didn’t know what to do. So it sat…for a longggg time. I contemplated painting it all the gray wall color….I “suggested” we could consider taking it down…which was met with a hard NO…and then, I just got lazy. Thankfully.

photo 4

Blake trimmed the wall out so it looks more polished and then we added curtains and a rug and a lamp and a chair and now I’m actually super content with my cute little faux brick wall. I have a faux giraffe head I plan to hang on the wall on one side of the window to add to the playfulness of things and I’m sure some other artwork will also help things to blend. The wall on the right in the picture still looks beige for some reason but that’s just the way it’s photographing in the shadow.

Our neighbors house is actually brick (you can almost make it out through the blinds) and so I like to think it doesn’t look horribly out of place. The texture honestly is quite nice…for a very, very thin panel they managed to do a nice job of making it look pretty legit.

photo 5

I hope our baby girl appreciates this wall. Babies like texture, right? At 3am I’m certain letting her touch this wall will have magical crying curing powers.

PS: Lessons learned the hard way #2: if you put spackling on the brick wall wipe off excess immediately. Once it dries it will take EVERYTHING off with it and you have to start again.

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