Week 29 must have something extra special regarding a symptom of being overwhelmed with emotion. I feel like my normally dry from staring at a computer screen all day eyes have stayed in a constant state of about to spill over for a week now.

I am particularly disturbed about the speed at which our child is growing. I mean I get sweaty palms about how fleeting pregnancy seems. Being constantly sick for weeks on end seems like it happened lifetimes ago…or never at all. I cannot seem to remember a time when I didn’t have a soccer ball sitting in my stomach. And I feel like I spent so much time at 15 weeks waiting to feel the tiniest movements that now I’ve missed all the big ones as she slows down due to lack of wiggle room.

We went to see her on a 3D ultrasound yesterday (our last before we see her in person) and I just couldn’t believe how human like she looked. I can remember thinking “wow she looks like a cute alien” at 20 weeks and I couldn’t wait for her to put on some weight. Now I’m finding myself pleading with her to slow down. As much as I can’t wait to hold her and meet her and to have Blake hold her I just wish I could preserve all this. It’s such a blessing and once it’s gone all you have left are the memories (and a pregnant lady’s memory is not exactly exceptional….) I mean you can’t just stay pregnant….unless you are a Dugger. And I am NOT a Dugger. I believe in the power of birth control…like really, strongly, passionately believe in it. No offense to the Duggers or anyone who wants their own football team. I just don’t.

People tell me I’ll like all the phases and they all have things that are wonderful…and I suppose it’s sort of like how you love puppies and wish they could stay puppies…but Finley has really been a treasure every day. From 7lbs to 70lbs we have loved to see him change. So maybe it’s like that? I hope. I’ve already warned Blake that I’ll probably have a meltdown at the hospital when I realize she has turned 1 hour old. Or 24 hours old …even though each milestone she reaches is a blessing. There’s no way I’ll blink….so I’ll depend on tears Visine to keep my eyes from drying out.

Anyways, enough about that. I’ll share a project Blake did as we get one step closer. We have been insanely fortunate to not have to purchase nursery furniture. It’s very special to me that Everly (oh yes, we chose a name…I’ll come back to that) gets to use her cousin Kerwin’s crib! She will have my childhood furniture but we had to slightly modify one of the dressers to become a changing table. We knew we didn’t want to permanently deface the dresser so it can grow with her so we needed a temporary solution.

Blake somehow/magically created this “tray” one day in the basement. He took great care in his precision (maybe his days working at the cabinet shop or the fact that only the best will do for his little girl).

photo 4

We matched the paint color to the dresser and used that grip tape you put on the bottom of rugs to keep it from sliding. You can pull it straight up but you can push/pull/bump into/swing from it and it won’t budge. We love that we didn’t have to put nails through the dresser but feel good the little one can’t pull it down on herself once she is tall enough to scale the knobs of the dresser like her own personal jungle gym.

photo 6

photo 3

photo 1

You can see a pegboard there and a Raskog cart from IKEA I’ll have to be back to blog about later. Back to her name.


Everly comes from Everleigh (B preferred the shorter spelling) which is the last name of my Aunt Fran and Uncle Bob. I love the name. Yes, I know Channing Tatum and his wife named their baby Everly last year and I did have a little ping of jealousy when that happened but at least they fly somewhat under the celebrity spotlight so maybe it won’t spread like wildfire….at least not until there is another Magic Mike movie… And of course, Blake comes from my…and hers now (!) Blake.

Until next time…I’ll just be over here trying not to realize I do not even have 2.5 months left of this season!

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  1. Fran says:

    Katie and Blake we are honored that you have chosen our name for your amazing and miraculous daughter. Anxiously waiting for the birth of Everly. Your lives will be transformed into a glorious new dimension!!!!!

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