and then there were three.

Holy behind on blogging.

Our sweet Everly Blake arrived December 2nd. Her delivery was smooth and easy (post epidural) and a blessing for our family. We live about 40 minutes from our hospital and I went into labor right during morning rush hour. There was a brief moment of time where I thought if we got stopped at another redlight I would get out of the car and kill the next person who decided to block the intersection. Obviously I’m typing here and I’m not in jail so we finally made it!


Everly has truly been the best gift we could ever ask for. She’s two weeks old today and time is flying just like I thought it would. Blake and I are working hard to soak in all the details and treasure all the moments while we can. I was gifted a legitimate camera for my birthday and so I took some pictures of her nursery for the camera’s maiden voyage! This post will just be tons of pictures because typing with one hand takes FOR-EV-ER.

Here is the view when you walk in










Her crib is borrowed and the Picasso lithograph was gifted to us by my parents. I’ve always loved the Alexander Calder mobiles so I wanted something similar for Everly instead of the stuffed animal mobiles from the baby stores. We found hers at Wonderland Studios for just $25 and I think it goes perfectly with the artwork. I hope she learns to love the arts!


We shared before the changing table and it has been amazing. We have changed every single diaper here with the exception of one I had to change in the backseat of the car. I got peed on. Welcome to motherhood.



The table has been so convienient and we love having everything in one spot. A couple things to note: we secured the lamp to that shelf so clumsy hands don’t knock it off onto baby. We also have the switch on a remote (however it stays on 24/7) but that way we aren’t having our hands bump it around trying to turn it off or on. The little mirror we hung is pretty perfect. I’m not sure if she can see that far yet but she does like to look over there during changes.


the raskog cart from IKEA has also been great!


I love this picture because it shows that in all of this new we have tried to maintain some old with that doorknob!


We shared how we outfitted the closet space in this post but i wanted to show an update. I bought her a little laundry basket and when we got it home i realized it didnt fit in the closet like I thought it would. I took the doors off the bottom cabinet to make it work.



My aunt handmade this quilt we have hung on the wall!


Everly’s aunt made her the blanket you see in the bottom right corner of that picture. Also shown here in one of her newborn pictures taken by my Dad.


If we keep rotating around the room we get to her hutch (full picture here) which is full of her special things.






Speaking of special things, we have also kept all of her cards. Some we filled the frame shown below with and others are in her very first gift bag (thanks Katrina!)




Here is a wide angle shot of this side of the room. It looks SO busy in this picture but I don’t think it looks that crazy in person…


I love the view out her window! It seems to go forever and the right time of day you can see the mountains in the distance. She can also keep an eye on her puppy dogs in the backyard 🙂


I also wanted to share one more of her newborn pictures. In one of my favorite gifts Santa gave me!


We still look around the room almost daily and say to eachother “remember what this used to be?” and we feel so very proud. From the worst room in the house to the most special it’s amazing what can happen in two short years (and a few months worth of Blake’s hard work)!

photo 2

clean wide angle 4


One of the MAJOR things that happened upstairs which isn’t shown in blog worthy pictures is the fact that the week before Everly was born we had central air installed in the upstairs. It’s now the same temperature in each room, all the time. We can’t explain what a huge, HUGE difference that has made for us…and for Everly! 🙂

11 thoughts on “and then there were three.

  1. diannearts says:

    One thing I love is seeing things from your childhood in this room. It is amazing what you started with in this room and what it has become. Love, Love this little family of three.

  2. Josie says:

    It almost is as good as seeing it in person, but not the same I am sure!!! It is so lovely and comfy looking, but can’t wait until I get to be there in person and see it and Everly for myself!!! I love you three too pieces!!!!XXXXX0000000

  3. Katrina says:

    Oh I just love her room!!! So happy to see the SMHS teddy bear….. Bet your name is on the back of the letter jacket! Emery plays with Natalie’s everyday and even squeezed herself into the jacket and then freaked when she couldn’t get it off …..LOL!
    Adore her closest! She is going to be one well dressed darling! Honestly, I just like everything about her precious room BUT what I love most is knowing that it will be occupied by beautiful Everly( you should seriously enter her into some kind of pretty baby contest)
    Glad you are back in the blog world! Merry Christmas!

  4. Debbie Rumley says:

    Blake and Katie….so happy for the 3 of you! Everly is so beautiful and the nursery should be a featured in HGTV magazine!

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