I have what I would consider major projects to be blogging about. However, I cannot seem to make myself sit down and commit to finishing painting said projects and until then they cannot be photographed. [[update: I have painted so we are so much closer]]

I miss my blog though so I thought I would just write up a short [[edit: this got long!!]] post about some things we love. I’ve formed a bad habit of internet window shopping during nighttime feedings….and then window shopping turned into real shopping 🙂

So sawdust is just a THING in our house so this year I put these drink toppers into Blake’s stocking. This way when he is in the basement he can cover his drinks up and not take a big gulp of saw dust. They run you about $8. Worth it.

drink savers

We also felt like a lot of times Everly would be hanging out in the living room and we would need to use the nail gun for a quick second. I kept having to carry her out of the room so we found some baby ear protection. I’m a little crazy about protecting hearing. Truly men (or women!) you should be wearing protection even when you mow your lawns. It will make a difference when you’re older!


This pillow I think makes a wonderful gift for new parents! It’s $35 and is a special and fun way to document things. We have this in Everly’s room now and I think it’s just so cute.


Gnocci. It’s still a starch but it’s wayyy easier than cooking pasta. It boils in about 3 minutes. We’ve started serving it mixed with a meat, veggies, and a pasta sauce. We love it and truly makes a quick meal. This also seems to keep as leftovers better than pasta for us. It’s perfect for that new mom brain that just explodes at the idea of cooking pasta. A lot can go wrong with pasta….you can spill the noodles everywhere trying to get them into the pot (one hand makes everything so much harder) and you can forget to set a timer all together…no timer needed here. They just float. And float quickly. Time is of the essence when a baby is in arm.


Reusable K Cups –We love anything we can reuse …we also love buying the whole bean coffee and grinding our own the morning we are having it. We have had the same 4 cups for at least 3 years now and they are holding up just fine! We rinse them out after use and run them through the dishwasher maybe once a week.

k cups

This isn’t really something you buy but is just something that made our lives easier. After Everly came things got a little blurry for a while and we were constantly RE-feeding the dogs because we thought they hadn’t been fed yet! Seriously….Finley has gained 10lbs…. one night Blake started inventing a little thing we could use to track when they had been fed. We fashioned this together using a magnetic picture frame from the fridge, a piece of paper, and just a basic magnet. We move the magnet each time we feed them so the other person knows the last time they were fed.


Heated mouse pad. I don’t even feel like this needs an explanation it’s just one of those things you should immediately purchase if you work anywhere close to an office. It was like $6…probably because it’s shaped like a giant fish and a more professional one would cost more. But it’s just powered by the USB and I can tell you first hand it gets TOASTY!

mouse pad

Travel heated blanket : My mom received this as a gift for Christmas and I think it’s pretty genius!! This would make a great gift for a lot of people in my opinion. I feel like Blake and I always think the car is two different temperatures 🙂 no spouse ever has to freeze again.

heated blanket

Other things I have been up to include:

I’ve put a dresser in the dining room. I LOVE it! So. Much. Storage.


I’ve been inspired by this post to do this type of thing in our dining room. It’s rather charming I think.


I found this sweet little paint can at the Lobby of Hobbies for something like $3. I’m not really a collector of small nicknaks but this reminded me of our pregnancy announcement so I wanted to add it to the nursery.

paint jar

Lets see… I’m not sure I ever shared this wasp/hornet (not sure which) nest I picked up at an antique store in the mountains. About everyone I know told me it was really creepy but I love it hanging in our office! I’m truly amazed because it really is a very natural work of art. Mom thinks I should gold leaf it. I might…


I’m working on adding a tab to the top of our blog about blogs/websites which I love to frequent! I’ve found some great blogs perusing this feature on other blogs that I would love to share. Now that I have a camera I am also going to be slowly updating the house tour pictures with some current pictures. It’s easy to forget just how far some areas of the house have come!

Before I go, I’ll leave you with some more random information 🙂 Another new middle of the night pass time has been surfing Instagram for interior design /blogger/neat thing accounts. Here are some of my FAVORITES if you’re also into Instagram and use it for more than the occasional selfie 🙂 Maybe in addition to the aforementioned proposed blog updates I’ll figure out how to share my own instagram feed on here…

instagram 1

instagram 2

instagram 3

As for our projects…here is a hint at the biggest one we’ve done in a while. This is BEFORE.

laundry before

See you soon!

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  1. Missy Barrett says:

    Where did you purchase your dog food storage container. It is so cute. I need one that will hold 30 lbs of dry food


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