The upstairs hallway makeover

So I’ve been trying to get this blog back up to par and I’ve realized I pretty much need to start over room by room and catch everyone up to speed.

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I wanted to start my update of the house by sharing the upstairs hallway/railing progress. I’m mostly starting here because I could locate all the pictures easily 🙂

So here was the hallway when we bought the house:


It felt pretty haunted to me…

And this railing. While I can appreciate the old feel it was so, so dangerous!

before 2

For scale, Finley (70lbs) could have walked through it and it barely came up past Blake’s knee caps.


You might remember in this post we found this abandoned outdoor railing at an antique place down the road.


Now this stuff had probably sat outside for a year…and was ROTTING and we aren’t sure if snakes played on it. All we knew is that we wanted to make the upstairs safer and we didn’t have a ton of money to do it with so we took a chance on this stuff. I think we paid $25 (…maybe $35) for everything.

We reused the original 4×4 posts because they were sturdy and went through the floor. However, we had to make them taller. Here is how Blake managed to blend our posts together. We also cut off all the rotting pieces and managed to piece everything together to make 1 set of new-ish railing.





Here we are after a couple coats of primer. In this picture you can also see we hadn’t yet started the upstairs master renovation. You can see the old railing was left in place where the future bedroom wall would be going.


Here is that same view once the wall came out.


And for fun this is what me almost having a heart attack looks like. Blake was confident the 1 million nails we put into our new railing were enough to hold him up 🙂


Next we decided to paint the hallway a really light neutral color. It actually looks white now that it is all painted but here you can see the color against the actual white walls and it’s very different! We love how it turned out. It gave the space that clean feeling we had been searching for since we moved in.


We both felt that painting the top of the rail black would give it a more polished look. See how it looks compared to just white railing on the right? Bleh. Also, this is a serious testament to what caulk and white paint can hide.



We also added a black handrail going down the stairs …you know…to bring the house up to code… 🙂

before and after 2

Here is what our upstairs hallway is looking like these days!




Another big item we did up here was add the same track lighting we used in our long dark hallway makeover. Before there was just a bare bulb exposed in the middle of the room. We installed these on a dimmer switch and they can be turned off from the top and bottom of the stairs which is a huge convenience!

Before and afters for dramatic, blog worthy, pin worthy effect

before and after

I’m not finished up here. I want to do a painted floor out in this space. Like a painted on rug or some type of design. Search for those things and tell me you don’t start drooling…. For now, we are keeping the carpeted stairs but I told Blake my goal is to have them replaced with wooden treads by the end of the year.

For safety, we’re installing a gate at the top and have the half door at the bottom to keep little one from falling.

All in all we are really proud of what this space has become!

If this hallway wasn’t enough you can keep on reading here about the downstairs hallway!!

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  1. Anne says:

    Holy smokes! I don’t know what to comment on first…Blake’s balancing act (EEEP), the ridiculously beautiful black railing, or the finished product! Not sure how you guys do it all.

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