Completed home office!

So I know we have shared snippets of the office but never gave a proper update. I just wanted to share some pictures of how things turned out and how we are liking them so far.

For reference, here are the only before pictures I have (not good–sorry!)…pretty much all you need to know is that it was a fine box room with good floors and fine walls…for some reason it was the only textured ceiling in the house. The door towards the back connects to the room next door and the closer door is a small closet.



Speaking of closets, when we moved in there was NO closet space in the house. (Remember we took an entire room and turned it into a closet). Here is another “before” picture. This room was our temporary closet.


For close to a year I would walk down the hall from the bathroom and into this room to pick out my clothes for the day. I had actually forgotten about that until I saw this picture!

So, you may also remember if you’ve been following along that I chose to paint the ceiling black in here. We LOVE it. It’s hard to translate into pictures but it really makes the room feel much taller. You can see in the photo below just the tip of a ceiling fan. That came down and we replaced it with an old crystal chandelier I was gifted for my birthday last year.



I used the paint color “Lincoln Cottage” from the National Historic Registry of paint colors. I also painted the entire ceiling by hand. It was back breaking. It was worth it. I would never do it again.

Without further ado:


No office is complete without a dog bed!


The desk is a hand-me-down from my Dad’s office. Maybe someday I will paint it but that will probably go on my list to be done in 10 years. Blake installed an outlet in the floor under the desk so cords weren’t running all around. We actually cut a square in the rug to do this. When we commit we really commit 🙂

If I had to do this over again I wouldn’t use Chevron curtains. Chevron was all the rage for a minute and then it’s like it just spread like wild fire all over college campuses and baby stores. I won’t replace them because I have bigger fish to fry and that would be a waste but maybe I’ll use them in Everly’s big girl room one day.



We shared here about covering the mirror with some more practical items.

View while working



We replaced this door with a French door and we are so glad we did! The door is a second hand find from Habitat. We love how sound proof it is but at the same time makes us feel like we aren’t completely shut off from the house while working. When there was a solid door on the room it was constantly closed because we didn’t want it jutting out into the hallway…it made the work put in beautifying the office seem meaningless because it was never seen! This has also made the hallway feel bigger.

The dresser provides a huge amount of storage for us. You can read about the makeover of that dresser in this post. It was originally part of Blake’s bedroom set.

The TV is a very recent addition. Busy season falls during March Madness so there is much basketball to watch while working at night! Previously there was a leopard print wingback chair in the corner. The one I tried to reupholster and then 15 minutes into it I realized I was in WAY over my head so it had been sitting there ever since looking like a dog chewed the arm off.


You can see we have a paper shredder on hand. A CPA’s work is never done.


Also, I mentioned previously considering gold leafing the wasp/hornet (what is that??) nest. See the detail though?


I just feel like it’s about like destroying a work of art to cover this up. What are your thoughts? Some little bugs worked REALLY hard on this. But they do hurt like absolute hell so I might not care…

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