Main hallway update

One of the first big projects we did in the house was freshening up our long hallway on the main floor. The hallway runs through the center of the house and pretty much connects everything. When we moved in there was only one pendant light at the end of the hall and things were just too dark.

We hung pictures on the wall and by we I mean Blake. See how high they were hung? Because it was plaster I didn’t get a redo on that for months. Then we revamped the whole space but the last time we shared the walls were bare again.



Not anymore! We have about covered the walls!









We also painted the door to the basement black. I love black doors! They look so clean and regal to me.


As I mentioned in the office post we also replaced the office door with a French door. Now even if it’s open it feels light throughout the hallway.


This hallway has been on a serious journey and it’s so fun to look back and remember how it was when we first moved in!


One thought on “Main hallway update

  1. Kathy says:

    How weird is it that I love those dog posters??? I like the way you framed almost everything with the black frames then added the black tracking on the overhead lights and black door. It makes it all work together. I also like the office door. You are so, so creative!

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